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American democratic socialist politician and co-chair of the Socialist Party USA.
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ENG: Billy Wharton (May 5, 1969 –) is an American democratic socialist politician and co-chair of the Socialist Party USA. He is also the former editor of The Socialist and the current editor of the Socialist WebZine. Wharton is best known for his March 15, 2009 article entitled "Obama's No Socialist. I Should Know." In it, he sought to debunk right-wing commentators who claimed that President Barack Obama was a secret socialist. Wharton wrote: "The funny thing is, of course, that socialists know that Barack Obama is not one of us. Not only is he not a socialist, he may in fact not even be a liberal. Socialists understand him more as a hedge-fund Democrat." The article led to increased media attention that resulted in multiple appearances on Fox Business News and a series of radio ...
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WHARTON: Green Shoots of Red Electorialism

Hidden beneath the public relations concocted roar and corporate funded thunder of the Obama and Romney campaigns were the little people. This election cycle, more than just a few voters decided to strike out and make a bold statement about what they want for their future. They decided to vote Socialist. A few thousand sought out our Presidential ticket of Stewart Alexander and Alex Mendoza, and many others focused their support on local efforts. This time, doing so wasn’t just a way to register a vague protest against the system. It got someone elected. The current batch of socialist ...

Wharton: Obama Re-elected - The Fightback Begins

Tonight, Barack Obama was declared the winner of the U.S. Presidential election. Obama ran a centrist, lackluster campaign that was fueled by an avalanche of campaign donations from corporate America. The losers were poor and working class people all over the country. Although, Mitt Romney was the other corporate funded candidate in the race, it will be regular Americans who will have to live with repercussions of a second Obama presidency. Over the next four years, the administration will continue to extend the damage it has initiated since 2008. On the healthcare front, four more years of ...

Socialist Party Q&A: National Co-Chair Billy Wharton

The following is an interview with Socialist Party USA National Co-Chair, Billy Wharton. We discuss the past, present and future of the movement to get a better understanding of the Socialist Party. Could you give a summary of the history of the Socialist Party, as you understand it? Billy: In one sense, the history of the Socialist Party USA (SP-USA) is quite old. You can track our origins back to the formation of the old Socialist Party of America (SPA) in 1901. The SPA was the party of Eugene Debs and Norman Thomas and was seriously engaged in the class struggles of the 20th Century, ...

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How We Won the Battle of the Brooklyn Bridge
by Billy WhartonIt is not often that one can claim to have beaten the New York City District Attorney’s office.  The District Attorney usually operates with brutal efficiency as it prosecutes, plea bargains and convicts thousands of people each year.  However, they do not come up against a person like me very often.  I was arrested for a political crime, namely marching over the Brooklyn Bridge with 700 other Occupy Wall Street (OWS) supporters.  More important than that, I had nearly unlimited access to legal representation through the National Lawyers Guild (NLG), a group that was committed to playing the long game with my prosecutors in the DA’s office.The march over the Bridge represented a critical moment for OWS.  The Mayor’s office was clearly looking for an event that they could use to discredit the growing movement.  In previous weeks instances of heavy handed police tactics had backfired in the media.  The New York Police Department an
The Emergency Financial Manager - What Happens in Detroit Doesn’t Stay in Detroit
by Billy WhartonIt is not everyday, though it is increasingly more common, that an “election” in the People’s Republic of Chinais more democratic than a political event in the United States.  The appointment of Kevyn Orr as the Emergency Financial Manager (EFM) of Detroitis one such moment.  Orr becomes the 14thsuch emergency manager appointed in the state of Michigan since 1988.  Once installed, he will wield the kind of nearly unlimited decision making power that is all the rage in Beijingand Pyongyang.The position of EFM was created by Michigan Public Act 101 in 1988 in response to a budget crisis in the city of Hamtramck.  The Act was challenged multiple times in the judicial system and was even overturned by a vote in a popular referendum during the 2012 election.  True to the undemocratic spirit of the position itself, the Governor of Michigan promptly overrode the will of the people and re-created the position after the elections.An EFM has the abi
Bronx Healthcare Meeting - A Charade Of Democracy
The were two big winners at the recent “town hall” healthcare meeting held in the North Bronx, New York City, neighborhood of Parkchester on August 17 – the lunatic right wing and the private health insurance industry. These victories came despite the fact that the vast majority of those who lined up to participate in the meeting supported either a single-payer system or a public option. Most came away disappointed. I got kicked out.
Potato Chip Capitalism or What to Do With a Socialist on Vacation
by Billy WhartonBeing an American requires accepting a certain level of delusion.  Going on vacation raises this level to new heights - especially when your destination is a factory tour.  In this case, I was headed to the Herr’s Potato Chip Factory just outside of Lancaster, PA for a free tour of the facilities.  It was a diplomatic mission to keep the peace in the family that turned into a look inside modern capitalism in America.When you hear factory tour images straight out of Frederich Engel’s Condition of the English Working Class immediately come to mind.  Dangerous working conditions, child labor and endless workdays combined with squalid living conditions in the working class part of town.  Instead of this, I was met by Chipper the cartoon chipmunk mascot of Herr’s Potato Chips.It wasn’t just Chipper who meets visitors to the plant, there are piles and piles of potato chips.  Nearly every kind imaginable - Dill Pickle, Buffalo Wings, BBQ C

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