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Bill Maloney

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The nominated candidate of the Republican Party in the 2011 special election for governor of West Virginia.
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ENG: Bill Maloney is a businessman and the nominated candidate of the Republican Party in the 2011 special election for governor of West Virginia. Maloney co-founded a drilling company in 1984. He was involved in the Plan B rescue attempt during the 2010 Chilean mine disaster. Maloney has never held public office before. He lives in Morgantown, West Virginia. Business career Bill was a co-founder and executive at North American Drillers, North American Pump and Supply Company and Shaft Drillers International (SDI). He grew North American Drillers from a two-person business in 1984 to become the world-leader in large-diameter shaft drilling for mining and other industries. Bill sold his share of the business in 2006. Currently, he is a drilling consultant and the principal of Cow Run ...
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Maloney Wants Stronger Ethics Laws

Republican gubernatorial nominee Bill Maloney said crooked elections and political corruption have plagued West Virginia for far too long. The Morgantown businessman is calling for stronger ethics laws to put an end to corrupt politics so Mountain State residents can be proud of their government. “From vote buying to backroom deals to blatant conflicts of interest, West Virginia has been plagued by political corruption for too many years,” he said. “As governor, I’d implement strong ethics laws and give West Virginians a government of which they can be ...

Maloney releases first ads in general

Republican Bill Maloney will be the first to air TV ads in the governor’s race. His two 30-second spots — called “Job Creator” and “Resume” – will be broadcast statewide starting today. Maloney was also the first to run ads in the Republican primary. The new ads c0-star Maloney’s Golden Retriever, Holly, who made her debut back in April. Rising Tide Media Group produced the commercials, which portray Maloney as a job creator — “not a career politician” — from humble beginnings, who is “pro-life and a member of the ...

Maloney’s campaign manager steps down

Citing the illness of a close family member, Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Maloney's campaign manager left the campaign this week, eight weeks before West Virginia's Oct. 4 special election. In an email sent just after noon on Tuesday, Matt Dabrowski said a close relative is ill and the prognosis is bleak. The Maloney campaign also released its first TV ads Wednesday morning in a statewide ad buy, according to the campaign. The ads (titled "Resume" and "Job Creator") are meant to introduce Maloney to West Virginian voters. Maloney's chief opponent, Democrat Earl Ray Tomblin, has ...

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