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The current Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Minister of Infrastructure of New Zealand.
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ENG: Simon William "Bill" English (born 1961) is the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Minister of Infrastructure of New Zealand. Political career English entered parliament in 1990 as a National party MP representing the Wallace electorate. In 1999 English served as Minister of Finance for a brief period until National, under the leadership of Jenny Shipley at the time, lost the election later that year. In October 2001 he replaced Shipley as the leader of the National Party, but after a disastrous result in the 2002 election he was replaced as the leader by Don Brash in October 2003. After Don Brash's resignation in November 2006 he became deputy leader of the party under John Key, becoming the Deputy Prime Minister after a November 2008 election victory. English ...
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Be flexible with earthquake victims, English tells IRD,banks

Finance Minister Bill English has asked banks and the Inland Revenue Department to be flexible to help businesses stay afloat and still be able to pay wages in the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquake.But he said employers will have to make their own decisions and some people might lose their jobs."Some of them will be in a sound enough position that they can expect to continue to pay [wages]. Some will have to make pretty quick decisions so employees have certainty either that they're employed or they're not."The great uncertainty is just how long it's going to take for these ...

English predicts hit to economy, then a rebound

Finance Minister Bill English is predicting that the economy will take a hit over the next two or three months because of the Christchurch earthquake, but that there will then be a rebound. The Treasury has calculated that the quake could cost $4 billion - double the figure first suggested by the Earthquake Commission. Mr English says the good news is that much of the cost is insured and there is money in Earthquake Commission and insurer reserves to get going right away. The cost to the Government is manageable, he says, if the Crown keeps its accounts under control. He says the important ...

SCF shareholders say Bill English out of line

Allan Hubbard says he is still too distressed to talk about what has happened to South Canterbury Finance, after giving a lifetime of service to the company.But plenty of people in Timaru are talking, and tvnz.co.nz's message board has been flooded with comment. Some are saying finance minister Bill English is out of line, in telling investors they should be thankful to the taxpayers. Hubbard and his wife were seen driving from the SCF offices today, an indication they are still working, despite the company being in receivership. ... There's less sympathy for Finance Minister Bill English's ...

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$6m for Samoan health system
Bill English | Prime Minister New Zealand is to put $6.1m towards expanding specialist health services and addressing non-communicable diseases in Samoa, Prime Minister Bill English says. Mr English announced the funding, to be spread over five years, during a visit to Tupua Tamasese National Hospital, in Apia today. While at the hospital, Mr English met with patients and staff, and had the opportunity to see first-hand how New Zealand’s investments in infrastructure and support of the national health system are benefitting the people of Samoa. ...read more
Assistance for Samoan cocoa growers
Bill English | Prime Minister Chocolate lovers and Samoan cocoa growers will both benefit from a $4.8m, five-year programme of support for Samoa’s cocoa industry, Prime Minister Bill English announced in Samoa today. “Samoa has ideal conditions to produce larger amounts of high value, chocolate-grade cocoa,” Mr English says. Samoa exported about 5000 tonnes of cocoa annually during the 1960s, but exports have since declined to only 40 to 50 tonnes a year. ...read more
PM condemns London attack
Bill English | Prime Minister Prime Minister Bill English has condemned the latest terror attack in London and reiterated New Zealand’s commitment to the international fight against violent extremism. “Too many lives are being taken by terrorists set on inflicting pain and suffering on innocent people,” says Mr English. “No one should be forced to live in fear, no matter their race or religion, their politics or their beliefs. ...read more
PM to lead Pacific Mission to Cook Islands, Niue and Tonga
Bill English | Prime Minister Prime Minister Bill English will travel to the Cook Islands, Niue and Tonga next week leading a delegation of New Zealand Pasifika community leaders, iwi and business representatives. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Gerry Brownlee and the Minister for Pacific Peoples Alfred Ngaro will accompany the Prime Minister, alongside leaders and representatives of parties from across the House. “The mission is a reflection of the close relationship we have with our Pacific neighbours and the high regard New Zealand places on these relationships,” Mr English says. ...read more

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