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הוא ראש ממשלת ישראל הנוכחי‏. | An Israeli politician, the current Prime Minister of Israel, Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs.
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לחץ, אם אתה לא תומך. תגיד למה. | Click, if you do not support Benjamin Netanyahu. Say why.

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HEB: בנימין (ביבי) נתניהו (נולד ב-21 באוקטובר 1949, כ"ח בתשרי ה'תש"י) הוא ראש ממשלת ישראל הנוכחי‏. הוא כיהן כראש ממשלה בשתי קדנציות נוספות, הראשונה בשנים 1999-1996 והשנייה בשנים 2013-2009. כיהן גם כחבר בממשלות ישראל השונות כשר האוצר וכשר החוץ. בכנסת שימש ראש האופוזיציה ובתפקידים נוספים. משמש כיושב ראש מפלגת הליכוד. תפקידו הדיפלומטי הבכיר הראשון בשירות המדינה היה שגריר ישראל באו"ם בשנות ה-80. מקור ENG: Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu (Hebrew: בִּנְיָמִין "בִּיבִּי" ...
for3against   Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu said that if he was elected he would cooperate fully with the Obama administration, while safeguarding Israel's security interests., 123
for1against   Avigdor Lieberman, whose far-right party made major gains in Israel's tight elections, has decided to back Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu to form a government, n123
for33against   אני לא מסכים. (Benjamin Netanyahu) בנימין נתניהו היא בחירה גרועה. למשל, כי ... (אם רציתי לכתוב למה, אני כתבתי את זה כאן), negative
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Israel: Iran-Wahl stärkt Benjamin Netanjahu

Der Sieg Ahmadinejads ist Wasser auf die Mühlen jener, die Militärschläge gegen das iranische Atomprogramm fordern – und er wird das Thema in Israel am Kochen halten. Jerusalem. Die Wiederwahl des iranischen Hardlinerpräsidenten hätte für Israels Premier Benjamin Netanjahu nicht besser kommen können: Einen Tag vor seiner mit Spannung erwarteten Grundsatzrede nutzte ihm der Sieg von Mahmoud Ahmadinejad als Argument im Streit mit den USA, was stärker zu gewichten ist: die iranische Atombedrohung oder eine Zweistaatenlösung mit den ...

Netanyahu heads for collision with Obama administration

Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu can expect the full force of a bludgeon to be wielded in his White House talks on May 18.DEBKAfile's Washington sources report that their host is fired up to be the first US president in decades of close friendship and cooperation to clash openly with Israel and the bulk of US Jewry. Oblivious to Israel's claim of US support for its security in a hostile regional environment, Barack Obama is expected to squeeze the Netanyahu government hard for immediate engagement on the Middle East conflict without further delay.According to our sources, the White House ...

Netanyahu may be forced to attack Iran

In what has become somewhat of a tradition for incoming prime ministers on their first day in office, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited the Western Wall and spoke with the US president on Wednesday - not necessarily in that order. Barack Obama, currently on his first overseas trip as president, phoned Netanyahu in the early morning hours Wednesday, and congratulated him on his first day in office. Obama, according to Olmert's office, made clear that US support for Israel's security was unwavering, and wished him well. According to Netanyahu's office, the conversation lasted close to ...

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Benjamin Netanyahu Calls on World to Condemn West Bank Synagogue Arson - Newsweek
NewsweekBenjamin Netanyahu Calls on World to Condemn West Bank Synagogue ArsonNewsweekIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday called for the international community to condemn an arson attack on a synagogue that he alleged was committed by Palestinians near a West Bank settlement. Israeli authorities confirmed on Sunday ...Netanyahu: 'What would happen if a UK MP stood in a moment of silence for Jihadi John'Jerusalem Post Israel NewsEuropean Lawmakers Urge Netanyahu to Rethink 'Transparency Bill'HaaretzCoalition backs bill that allows MKs to suspend other serving lawmakersThe Times of IsraelMyTechBits -Yahoo Newsvšech 698 zpravodajských článků »
Netanyahu unveils plan to 'surround entire state with a fence' - The Times of Israel
The Times of IsraelNetanyahu unveils plan to 'surround entire state with a fence'The Times of IsraelUnlike the borders with Egypt and Jordan, where both sides of the fence are in relatively open areas, Netanyahu hinted at potential problems implementing a reinforced barrier in West Bank “where you have built up areas, buildings along the separation ...Netanyahu: Israel needs fences on all borders to keep out 'predators' in regionJerusalem Post Israel NewsBenjamin Netanyahu plans to encircle Israel with security fencesNewsxNetanyahu Goes Full Trump: Surround Israel With Barrier 'To Defend Ourselves Against Wild Beasts'Breitbart NewsBloomberg -Globes -Haaretzvšech 90 zpravodajských článků »
Habayit Hayehudi Backtracks, Will Support Knesset Suspension Bill - Haaretz
HaaretzHabayit Hayehudi Backtracks, Will Support Knesset Suspension BillHaaretzElkin, the immigrant absorption minister and a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party, is seeking to enact the bill through a fast-track process. The bill is the brainchild of Netanyahu, who demanded its passage after three MKs from ...
Israel's prime minister pulled Alan Dershowitz into his office to ask a pointed question about O.J. Simpson - Business Insider
Business InsiderIsrael's prime minister pulled Alan Dershowitz into his office to ask a pointed question about O.J. SimpsonBusiness InsiderDershowitz relayed the following exchange he had with Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, about Simpson's trial back in the '90s. Benjamin Netanyahu had just been elected prime minister for the first time and I'm in Israel so he calls me into ...a další »

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