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Ben R. Luján, Jr.

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The U.S. Representative for New Mexico's 3rd congressional district, serving since 2009.
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ENG: Ben Ray Luján (born June 7, 1972) is the U.S. Representative for New Mexico's 3rd congressional district, serving since 2009. He is a member of the Democratic Party. The district is based in Santa Fe, the state capital, and includes most of the northern portion of the state. Early life, education, and early career Ben Ray Luján was born in Santa Fe to Carmen and Ben Luján, but currently lives near Nambé, New Mexico. His father is the speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives and his mother is a retired administrator with the Pojoaque Valley school system. He has Lujan family members on both sides of his family and is a distant cousin on his mother's side to Manuel Lujan, Jr., former Republican congressman and Secretary of the Interior. ...
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Luján Statement Celebrating Veterans Day

“This Veterans Day, we honor the brave service of New Mexico’s veterans and our veterans around the world, paying our respects for the sacrifices they made to help keep our nation safe. Generations of brave New Mexicans have been willing to put themselves in harm’s way to protect our country and the values that we hold dear. And for that we owe them a debt of gratitude. They are part of New Mexico’s long and proud tradition of service in the Armed Forces. “Their valor serves as an inspiration to a grateful nation. When our nation needed them most, they heeded the ...

Rep. Ben Luján on the End of the War in Iraq

Congressman Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico’s Third District released the following statement today on end of the war in Iraq. “With President Obama’s announcement that in the coming days the final American soldiers in Iraq will be on their way home, all of the 142,000 troops who have been stationed there will soon return to every corner of our nation to spend the holidays with their families as the war in Iraq comes to an end. “As we welcome these brave men and women and thank them for their service, we honor the sacrifices that they and their families have made ...

Luján Statement on Two-Month Extens. of the Payroll Tax Cut

Congressman Ben Ray Luján released the following statement today after Speaker John Boehner announced that the House will seek unanimous consent to pass legislation to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits and to prevent a cut to Medicare providers for two months. “After threatening the American people with a tax hike to start the new year, House Republicans have finally agreed to stop standing in the way of a bipartisan agreement that provides Congress with a path forward for a full year extension of a payroll tax cut. Taking action on bipartisan legislation to ...

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