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Ben Chandler

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Former U.S. Representative for Kentucky's 6th congressional district - member of the Democratic Party.
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ENG: Albert Benjamin "Ben" Chandler III (born September 12, 1959) is the outgoing U.S. Representative for Kentucky's 6th congressional district, serving since a special election in 2004. He is a member of the Democratic Party. Chandler was defeated for re-election by Andy Barr in the 2012 Election, and he will depart Congress in January 2013. Early life, education and career Chandler was born in Versailles, Kentucky on September 12, 1959, the son of Lucie "Toss" (née Dunlap) and Albert Benjamin "Ben" Chandler, Jr. His paternal grandfather, Albert Benjamin “Happy” Chandler, Sr., served as Governor of Kentucky, Commissioner of Baseball, and as a U.S. Senator. Chandler graduated with distinction from the University of Kentucky with a BA in History and a J.D. from the ...
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Ben Chandler May Have Advantage in House Rematch

While the race between Rep. Ben Chandler and Lexington attorney Andy Barr ended up being one of the most expensive and closest of the 2010 cycle, Kentucky oddsmakers aren’t betting their 2012 rematch will be as competitive. Chandler, a Democrat, won by only 647 votes last year, and he’ll be on the ballot next year with President Barack Obama in a state and a district that will favor the GOP nominee. Still, it’s the Republican who appears to be at a disadvantage a little more than a year before the election. Kentucky’s redistricting process is unfinished, but ...

Ben Chandler Supports Obama

When Ben Chandler says that he urges the passage of Obama's jobs bill he breaks with many of his democratic colleagues in Washington DC in favor of a guy who is perceived my a growing number of Americans to be the architect of our biggest economic downturn since the first half of the last century. Why would he do that? Does he really think that more government interference will fire up the economy when history teaches just the opposite? I suggest the answer is "no". Chandler is not supporting Obama because he thinks it's good for Kentucky, he thinks it's good for Chandler. Andy Barr came ...

Ben Chandler votes to gut EPA, block mercury regulation

Once the darling of Central Kentucky environmentalists (you know, the folks he owes his 600-vote victory last year to), Rep. Ben Chandler has made a string of anti-environmental regulation votes since the beginning of the year. And today was the cherry on top, as he voted (one of 13 Democrats) to approve the Whitfield amendment to the TRAIN Act, which blocks the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulations on power plant emissions of mercury. Yes, Ben Chandler voted to make Kentucky safer for mercury pollution. And Chandler later voted to approve the entire TRAIN Act, a full-frontal ...

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