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The 44th and current President of the United States. The first African American to hold the office.
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Taking action for Obamacare
There was not one but two big milestones yesterday: President Obama's 52nd birthday, and the official kick-off of Action August. For OFA supporters, these two events came together with a nationwide Obamacare day of action. Organizers went out in their communities to talk about the ways that Americans are benefitting from Obamacare, and to push back on myths and misinformation about the health care law. OFA supporters opened their homes to their neighbors, joined together in town centers, local businesses, and even beaches and parks to set the record straight: Obamacare is providing better coverage and lower costs. And while they were at it, they enjoyed some presidential birthday cake. Check out some of the action from OFA volunteers yesterday: [View the story "Obamacare in #ActionAugust" on Storify] Sunday's events were just the beginning of the grassroots campaign to arm people with the facts, answer questions, and counter what is already a multimillion-dollar effort to spread

Defund Obamacare Before It's Too Late
Over the next two weeks, the sad spectacle that is Washington will be on full display as Congress and President Obama debate yet another short-term spending plan, also known as a continuing resolution (CR).

Obama Actions Show More 'Flaccidity' Than Flexibility
What President Obama calls "flexibility" soon translated into flaccidity. The Russians have always been sensitive to weakness in their opponents.

Barack Obama: "We've recovered (from the recession) faster and come farther than almost any other advanced country on Earth."  
The Truth-o-Meter says: Mostly True | Barack Obama says U.S. has recovered from recession better than almost every advanced country While his critics decry his economic policies, President Barack Obama keeps insisting that he’s had economic success. In a speech in Wilmington, Del., last week, Obama offered several pieces of evidence that, in his view, suggests that the country is rebounding from the recession. Unemployment is at its lowest rate since 2008, he noted; the auto industry is "booming," America is making more oil than it imports, and the deficit has been cut in half, he added. All told, Obama said, "we’ve recovered faster and come farther than almost any other advanced country on Earth." That final claim ... >> More

Setting the facts straight on Obamacare
In honor of President Obama's 52nd birthday today, Organizing for Action volunteers across the country are coming together to celebrate in a unique way: spreading the truth about Obamacare. What better way to celebrate the President's birthday than by getting together and talking about how we can protect one of our proudest accomplishments? Americans deserves health care that fits their budget and is there when they need it. Obamacare helps them achieve that—and today, we're making sure people know what it has to offer. Obamacare fights for better coverage at lower costs to the patient, and ensures patients can receive preventive care services, like vaccinations, mammograms, cancer screenings, annual checkups, blood pressure and cholesterol tests at no cost. More than 70 million Americans have already received free preventive care. That's just one example of how Obamacare is working, and today, OFA volunteers are helping spread the word about all the benefits of Obamacare by shari

#44 is 52
Today is President Obama's 52nd birthday. Sign OFA's official card and send him your best wishes. Sign the card

Barack Obama: "The average minimum wage worker is 35 years old."
The Truth-o-Meter says: Mostly False | Barack Obama says 'the average minimum wage worker is 35 years old' It’s become clear that raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 is one of President Barack Obama’s highest-priority proposals at the moment. The rhetoric coming out of his White House certainly supports that notion. On April 26, Obama included this passage in his weekly address: "Right now, there’s a bill that would boost America’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. That would lift wages for nearly 28 million Americans across the country. 28 million. And we’re not just talking about young people on their first job. The average minimum wage worker is 35 years old. They work hard, ... >> More

Barack Obama: "The United States is the only developed country in the world without paid maternity leave."
The Truth-o-Meter says: Mostly True | Barack Obama says U.S. differs from developed world on paid maternity leave President Barack Obama convened the first Working Families Summit in Washington this week to unite his administration, labor organizations and progressive groups around his domestic agenda. Ahead of the conference (and a visit to Chipotle), Obama published an op-ed in the Huffington Post on June 23, 2014, to make a push for what he called "family-friendly workplace policies." Among the issues he hopes to pursue is a paid maternity leave for mothers. In his piece, Obama claimed, "The United States is the only developed country in the world without paid maternity leave." That’s quite the statement. But is ... >> More

McCain to Russian People in Pravda Op-Ed: I Am 'More Pro-Russian' Than Putin
Arizona Senator and former presidential hopeful John McCain had an opinion column published in a Russian publication Thursday in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin's New York Times op-ed last week.

Obama Criticized for Highly Partisan Speech During Navy Yard Tragedy
President Barack Obama was criticized for delivering a highly partisan Monday speech on the economy while the nation was gripped by a shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., that left 12 dead. His speech had two main points that appear contradictory: (1) The economy is doing well. And, (2) It is the Republican's fault that the economy is not doing well.

A send-off to remember for Congress
Before members of Congress made their way back to Washington after the August recess, OFA supporters made sure they had a send-off to remember. Volunteers brought Action August to a close by reminding their representatives to stand with the American Dream and their constituents in support of immigration reform. In Kingston, New York, OFA members brought Congressman Chris Gibson 11 reasons to support the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in uncertainty. Advocates for comprehensive immigration reform rallied at Congressman Scott Rigell's office in Virginia. OFA Texas volunteers got their friends and neighbors fired up and honking for immigration reform. Congressman Kevin McCarthy heard from OFA California supporters who asked him to stand with the American Dream. Action August is over, but OFA supporters are still organizing for comprehensive immigration reform in their communities. Join them today and add your voice to the growing movement for reform. I'm in

Barack Obama: "In 31 states, decent child care costs more than college tuition."
The Truth-o-Meter says: Mostly True | Barack Obama says, 'In 31 states, decent child care costs more than college tuition' President Barack Obama recently headlined a White House Summit on Working Families. During his address, he made a striking -- and for families with young kids, rather terrifying -- claim about how much child care costs. "In most parts of the country, it costs thousands of dollars a year," Obama said in the June 23, 2014, speech. "In fact, in 31 states, decent childcare costs more than in-state college tuition. In 31 states -- in more than half the states." Really? It costs more than college? We decided to take a look. We tracked down the source of the ... >> More

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