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The 44th and current President of the United States. The first African American to hold the office.
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Barack Obama: "The steel industry is producing as much steel in the United States as it ever was. It’s just (that) it needs one-tenth of the workers that it used to."
The Truth-o-Meter says: False | Barack Obama wrong about size of U.S. steel production, work force When Donald Trump made a high-profile speech outlining his approach to trade, he did it in Monessen, Pa., a town near Pittsburgh where a big steel mill has been shuttered for the past three decades. A day after Trump’s speech, Barack Obama brought up the history of American steel during a joint appearance with the Canadian prime minister and the Mexican president, who were meeting for a summit in Ottawa. Reporters asked the three leaders what they would do to counter the anti-free-trade sentiment exemplified by Trump. Obama acknowledged the shortcomings of trade agreements, but he argued that reverting to ... >> More

Obama Commissions Rob Bell to Write Gender-Neutral Bible
President Barack Obama has signed an executive order commissioning former megachurch pastor Rob Bell to write a gender-neutral Bible.

Barack Obama: "We’re the only advanced democracy in the world that makes it harder for people to vote."
The Truth-o-Meter says: Half-True | Barack Obama, in Austin, says U.S. only 'advanced democracy' that makes voting harder President Barack Obama, kicking off Austin’s 2016 South by Southwest Interactive conference, drew a laugh after saying: "We’re the only advanced democracy in the world that makes it harder for people to vote." "No, I hear laughing," Obama said, "but it’s sad. We take enormous pride in the fact that we are the world’s oldest continuous democracy, and yet we systematically put up barriers and make it as hard as possible for our citizens to vote." Obama wasn’t asked to clarify. But the Democratic leader wasn’t saying his own party erects barriers. Later in his appearance, Obama called it ... >> More

Baghdad Terror Attack: Iraqis Demand Crackdown on ISIS Sleeper Cells as Death Toll Rises to Over 150
The death toll from a suicide bombing in a Baghdad shopping district has risen to over 150, fuelling calls for security forces to crack down on Islamic State sleeper cells blamed for one of the worst ever single bombings in Iraq.

Clinton Supporters Celebrate Hillary Being Declared 'Extremely Careless'
With ecstatic exuberance and impassioned chants of "I'm With Her," large numbers of Hillary Clinton supporters are celebrating their candidate being labeled "extremely careless" by a prominent federal agency.

Barack Obama: "As governor, in the face of partisan attacks, (Charlie Crist) had the courage to save jobs and lead his state into economic recovery."
The Truth-o-Meter says: Half-True | Charlie Crist led Florida into economic recovery with stimulus, Obama says Former Gov. Charlie Crist once faced withering criticism for hugging President Barack Obama, but now Obama is returning the favor by embracing Crist’s congressional campaign. Obama endorsed Crist, a Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat, for a U.S. House seat in a June 20, 2016, statement. He said Crist "has always put people above politics," and proved it during his single gubernatorial term between January 2007 and January 2011 — right as the Great Recession gripped the state following the housing market’s crash. "As governor, in the face of partisan attacks, he (Charlie Crist) had the courage to save jobs and lead his state into ... >> More

Barack Obama: "During my administration, for example, we boosted U.S. exports to Canada and Mexico by about 50 percent. That supports about 2.8 million American jobs."
The Truth-o-Meter says: Mostly False | At 'Three Amigos' summit, Obama overshoots trade benefits between Mexico, Canada President Barack Obama joined Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto June 30, 2016, to celebrate their countries’ partnerships. The "Three Amigos" press conference — part of the North American Leaders Summit in Ottawa — saw the three leaders addressing issues of globalization. All claimed better relationships with their neighbors, and Obama in particular said the United States thrives as a result. "During my administration, for example, we boosted U.S. exports to Canada and Mexico by about 50 percent," he said. "That supports about 2.8 million American jobs." The statement resonates this election as free trade ... >> More

No Charges for Hillary Clinton in Email Probe, Says FBI Director
FBI Director James Comey said on Tuesday the agency is completing its yearlong probe of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state, and will refer its findings to the Justice Department for a decision on whether it merits prosecution.

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