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The Australian Labor Party (ALP or Labor) is an Australian political party.
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ENG: The Australian Labor Party (also ALP and Labor, was Labour before 1912) is an Australian political party. It has governed the Commonwealth of Australia since the 2007 federal election. Kevin Rudd is the party's federal parliamentary leader. In the state and territory parliaments, Labor governs in South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory. The party competes against the Liberal/National Coalition for political office at the federal and state (and sometimes local) level. The ALP was founded as a federal party prior to the first sitting of the Australian Parliament in 1901, but is descended from labour parties founded in the various Australian colonies by the emerging labour movement in Australia, formally beginning in 1891. Labor is thus the country's oldest ...
for41against   I clearly support it. Australian Labor Party (ALP) is quite good party. For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why it is good, I wrote it here), positive
for3against   They have the wrong policies. Carbon tax - wrong. Mining tax - wrong. Asylum seekers - wrong. NBN - wrong. Industrial relations - wrong. BER - wrong. Spending - wrong. ect, frolly
for1against   Rudd is a big bag of wind...all talk and no real action to tackle climate change. Money talks as they say...and it sure talks with the ALP!!!, allan
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Secret Australian Labor Party review recommendations

UNPUBLISHED Bracks/Carr/Faulkner ALP National Review Recommendations 1: That the National Executive accept the recommendations and institute an audit of their implementation in 18 months, circulating these to ALP branches. 2: That the Leader’s office dedicate policy resources to medium to long-term policy development and planning. 3: That Progressive Business organisations for corporate fundraising be established, administered by independent boards. 4: That the national campaign budget be approved by the finance committee and the National Executive. The party must not take on ...

Grant's $880 for Labor event

JOHN Grant paid almost $1000 for tickets to a Labor Party fundraiser celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the election to parliament of Kevin Rudd, Wayne Swan and Bernie Ripoll.A spokesman for the Prime Minister said Mr Grant and his wife bought four tickets at $220 each to the fundraiser, held at Hillstone St Lucia in Brisbane on October 17, 2008.The spokesman said Mr Grant was one of more than 400 guests at the function, which was attended by Mr Swan, Mr Ripoll and Mr Rudd.Mr Ripoll, the member for Oxley, was the organiser of the event, he said. He was also the person who first approached ...

ALP sweeps Bush supporter Howard from office

New PM promises to withdraw from Iraq, sign Kyoto climate protocol and transform nation John Howard was swept from power in Australia yesterday after 11 years in office, and appeared almost certain to lose his own seat, only the second Prime Minister in the country's history to be rejected by his own constituents.Mr Howard looked close to tears last night as he conceded defeat to the Labor leader, Kevin Rudd, after a decisive swing that looks likely to give Labor a comfortable majority in the 150-seat parliament.In his own constituency of Bennelong, in north-west Sydney, which he had held for ...

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Australian major political parties reveal nearly $85000 in undeclared ... - The Guardian
The GuardianAustralian major political parties reveal nearly $85000 in undeclared ...The GuardianThe Labor, Liberal and Greens parties have revealed tens of thousands of dollars' worth of previously undeclared political donations in documents filed with the Australian Electoral Commission. Among the parties' declarations – which total $84,880 ...Labor, Liberals and Greens fail to properly declare donations made ...Sydney Morning Heraldvšech 3 zpravodajských článků »
Australian Labor Party Calls for More Unity against GST - Australia Network News
Australia Network NewsAustralian Labor Party Calls for More Unity against GSTAustralia Network NewsAccording to a senior MP of the Australian Labor Party, there is a need for “iron discipline” within the party to oppose the move for increasing the GST. Though the Federal Government is debating the option of GST hike, there has been no final decision ...SA MP Nick Champion wants Labor to impose 'iron discipline' on ...ABC OnlineAnthony Albanese slaps down attempts to muzzle South Australian ...Sydney Morning HeraldColleagues slam Jay Weatherill for GST rate rise campaignThe AustralianInDaily -The Australian Financial Review -SBSvšech 15 zpravodajských článků »
South Australian Labor must oppose GST hike - The Australian
South Australian Labor must oppose GST hikeThe AustralianThe National Executive of the Australian Labor Party should follow their lead and bind all members across the country in opposition to the GST increase. Australians deserve a crystal clear choice at the next election and Labor should be united against ...a další »
Labor Party in Australia demands “action” against China - World Socialist Web Site
Labor Party in Australia demands “action” against ChinaWorld Socialist Web SiteThe Labor Party's shadow defence spokesman, Stephen Conroy, was provided space in today's Australian to criticise the Turnbull government for being “long on rhetoric and short on substance” in its support for US provocations against China. Conroy ...a další »

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