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The Australian Greens or The Greens is an Australian green political party.
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ENG: The Australian Greens, commonly known as The Greens, is an Australian green political party. The party was formed in 1992 and is today a confederation of eight state and territory parties. Other than environmentalism the party cites four core values: ecological sustainability, social justice, grassroots democracy and peace and non-violence. Leader: Christine Milne Deputy Leader: Adam Bandt Founded: 1992 Ideology: Green politics source September 17, 2010 updated: 2013-07-29
for32against   I clearly support it. Australian Greens is quite good party. For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why it is good, I wrote it here), positive
for3against   Having too much say. Too idealistic, not in touch with reality, Keith
for2against   You have only one MP - what a cheek to dictate your extreme policies to Australians. i.e. Where is your mandate for the carbon tax????, frolly
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Greens want loans tied to cash rate moves

The Australian Greens will be seeking backing from the federal parliament to make retail banks offer mortgages and small business loans that are linked directly to movements in the official cash rate. The proposal comes after something of a stand-off by the big four banks after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut the cash rate on Tuesday. It was broken by the ANZ Bank on Thursday when it announced it would be pass on the full reduction to mortgages and small business loans. The other major banks - Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank and Westpac - have yet to ...

Australian Greens Move to Scrap ‘Extreme’ Anti-Terrorism Law

The Australian Greens party is pushing to repeal an anti-terrorism law introduced by former Prime Minister John Howard’s government, saying it was rushed through Parliament and undermines human rights.Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said aspects of the law are “extreme,” vaguely worded and undemocratic and he will introduce legislation today to scrap them.“You can be convicted for ‘recklessly possessing a thing,’ whatever that may be, or expressing political dissent,” Ludlam said in a statement. “You can be questioned and detained for prolonged ...

Green groups plea on climate

Environmentalists have issued a last-gasp plea to the federal government not to cop out on climate change.The government will announce its crucial 2020 target for greenhouse gas reductions on December 15.There is mounting speculation the government will opt for a relatively modest cut of five to 15 per cent.More than 50 green groups have penned an open letter to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd urging him to slash emissions by up to 40 per cent, for the planet''s sake."We urge you to stand up to the pressure from the big polluters and adopt a strong emissions reduction target that will keep alive the ...

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Greens stand with Environmental Defenders Office as the Barnett government’s list of environmental failures grows again
The Australian Greens have thrown their weight behind a community funding campaign to save the WA Environmental Defenders Office after confirmation that all state funding will be terminated. "The Greens strongly support the Environmental Defenders Office and we are joining with the community to support them after this disgraceful decision from the government," Senator Scott Ludlam, Australian Greens deputy leader said today. "I am proud to have today applied for life membership of the WA Environmental Defenders Office and to support an organisation that continues to play a critical role to play in protecting WA's unique environment from a range of threats, most significantly the WA Government's obsession with reckless development at all costs. "The history of Environmental Defenders Office is one of standing up against development, pollution and destruction by governments, mining conglomerates and business interests who do not care about the future they leave for WA. "By defunding orga
Flags and new titles don’t make us safer: Greens
Australian Greens Leader said today the radicalisation of young people is a serious issue that requires a serious response – not grandstanding. “The first duty of the Prime Minister is to keep people safe but standing in front of flags, handing out titles and appointing new bureaucrats doesn’t make us safer,” said Senator Di Natale. “My concern is that the daily chest-thumping and grandstanding is making people more fearful and anxious about what is a very serious and challenging issue. “This is a government that supposedly hates bureaucracy yet on this issue they seem to be handing out new positions every day. But what we don’t see is this government actually funding the prevention programs we know work. “Nothing in the government’s announcements today advance the cause of multiculturalism. It divides people while doing nothing to make us safer.” Legal Affairs spokesperson, Senator Penny Wright said today that everyone has a right to a nationality. “Any propos
Baird’s poles and wires breach of faith leaves Nile exposed
Premier Mike Baird’s decision to introduce the poles and wires privatisation legislation before the Upper House committee has finalised its report has yet again exposed the inquiry as a sham, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye. The Premier has ridden roughshod over process and denied the public a proper investigation into the long term impacts of the sale. Dr Kaye said: "The inquiry was the product of a deal between the NSW Liberal National government and Christian Democrat MP Fred Nile. "It was supposed to give Nile a bit of cover and publicity in return for supporting the long term leases of the state's electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure. "Instead it has left him deeply exposed to the allegation that this was just a stitch-up that was always destined to deliver a pro-privatisation outcome. "Premier Mike Baird has stripped Fred Nile bare of any cover that a parliamentary inquiry would provide him to justify his support of the wires and poles lease. "Mike Bair
Christine Milne resigns as leader of Australian Greens - ABC Online
ABC OnlineChristine Milne resigns as leader of Australian GreensABC OnlineSenator Milne made the shock announcement on social media, tweeting "feeling optimistic, proud & sad to announce I'm not contesting 2016 election, and so I resign as leader of Australian Greens". In a statement, Senator Milne said she had made the ...Christine Milne Resigns as Leader of Australian Greens PartyBloombergRichard Di Natale elected unopposed as new Greens leader after Christine ...The GuardianRichard Di Natale new Greens leader after Christine Milne quitsThe AustralianJunkee -9news.com.au -Sydney Morning Heraldvšech 302 zpravodajských článků »

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