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ENG -The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, commonly abbreviated ASEAN, is a geo-political and economic organization of 10 countries located in Southeast Asia, which was formed on 8 August 1967 by Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Since then, membership has expanded to include Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Its aims include the acceleration of economic growth, social progress, cultural development among its members, the protection of the peace and stability of the region, and to provide opportunities for member countries to discuss differences peacefully. In 2005, the bloc spanned over 1,100,000,000 acres (4,500,000 km2) with a combined GDP (Nominal/PPP) of about USD$896.5 billion/$2,728 billion growing at an average rate of around 5.6% per ...
for35against   I clearly support it. ASEAN is quite good organization. For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why it is good, I wrote it here), positive
for31against   I am strongly opposed. ASEAN is quite bad choice. For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why it is bad, I wrote it here), negative
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Iran non-oil exports to ASEAN states surge, hit $1.3b

Iran exported nearly $1.3 billion worth of non-oil products to the member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in last Iranian calendar year (ended March 20, 2009), the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran’s Deputy Director Babak Afqahi said here on Monday. This figure shows a notable 167 percent growth in comparison to the preceding year's figure of $465 million, the Mehr News Agency reported. “High potentials of the ASEAN market for Iranian-made products and the government’s positive approach to expand trade relations with the Southeast Asian nations ...

Vietnam to host ASEAN police talks

Vietnam will host a conference of the Association of National Police Forces of the ASEAN region in Hanoi from May 13 to 15, the Vietnam News reported on Monday. The conference is themed in building ASEAN countries' police forces for a stable and developed ASEAN. It is expected to draw about 300 participants, said the report. The meeting will discuss cooperation on fighting crime, drugs, human trafficking, terrorism, as well as weapons smuggling. Pham Quy Ngo, director of the general police department of the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, said that every year Vietnam coordinated with ...

ASEAN to cope with crisis

Details of a sizeable foreign currency reserve pool among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, China, Japan and South Korea (ASEAN+3) were finalized here on Sunday, two years after the initiative was first introduced to combat emergent financial problems. Finance ministers of the ASEAN+3 nations reached the agreement on all main components of regional reserve pool, known as Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization (CMIM), and it will be implemented before the end of this year. The agreement on the CMIM includes "the individual country's contribution, borrowing accessibility, and ...

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