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Arthur Griffith

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Was an Irish politician and writer, who founded and later led the political party Sinn Féin. Died in 1922. | Polaiteoir Éireannach ab ea é Art Ó Gríofa.
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Arthur Griffith

Born: March 31, 1872Died: August 12, 1922I feel as though I would be remiss if I did not include a subsection on this site regarding Arthur Griffith, both because he was a friend to Collins and a patriot for the Irish pursuit of independence.In 1905, Griffith founded Sinn Féin ("we alone," "ourselves alone," or "we ourselves" are common translations) and he meant to use it to bring the ideas he described in his newspaper, United Irishman, into fruition. Collins was regarded as a devotee of Griffith's, an idea he loathed. While he respected Griffith's ideas and liked him on a personal ...


Sinn Feiners in Armored Car and in Garb of Soldiers Get Into Mountjoy Prison. BIND GOVERNOR AND DEPUTY Leaving With Prisoners They Meet Auiliaries, but Escape, Leaving Prisoners Behind. An unsuccessful attempt was made this morning to rescue Arthur Griffith, founder of the Sinn Fein organization, from his confinement in Mountjoy Prison. An armored car, captured only this morning, was used by the Republicans in the attempt to rescue Griffith. ... Wednesday, June 24, 2009 source: query.nytimes.com 24.06.2009

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