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Arnold Schwarzenegger

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An American and Austrian bodybuilder, actor, businessman, and politician, served as the 38th Governor of California (2003–2011).
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Schwarzenegger Named a Tourist Ambassador for Madrid
Officials chose Arnold Schwarzenegger as their first honorary ambassador of tourism, hoping the star of “Conan the Barbarian” will attract visitors to the Prado and other museums.

President Said to Be Planning to Use Executive Authority on Carbon Rule
President Obama’s proposed regulation to cut pollution from coal-fired power plants by up to 20 percent would be the strongest action taken by an American president to tackle climate change.

Carnage and Chaos, Heavy on the Gore
Arnold Schwarzenegger leads a gang of marauding Drug Enforcement Administration undercover thugs in “Sabotage,” and the bodies and bullets fly.

Larry Scott, Bodybuilder Who Inspired Schwarzenegger, Dies at 75
Mr. Scott, who won the first and second Mr. Olympia competitions in the 1960s, also became Mr. America and Mr. Universe while influencing a generation of weight lifters.

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