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Ariel Sharon

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ראש הממשלה האחד עשר של מדינת ישראל , מייסד ויו"ר מפלגת קדימה. | Was an Israeli politician and general. Died in 2014.
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לחץ, אם אתה לא תומכים אריאל שרון. תגיד למה. | Click, if you do not support Ariel Sharon. Say why.

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HEB: אריאל (אריק) שרון (במקור שיינרמן) (26 בפברואר 1928, ה' באדר תרפ"ח – 11 בינואר 2014, י' בשבט תשע"ד), ראש הממשלה האחד עשר של מדינת ישראל, שר בממשלות ישראל, חבר הכנסת מטעם הליכוד, מייסד ויו"ר מפלגת קדימה. לפני כניסתו לחיים הפוליטיים היה איש צבא, ממפקדי הצנחנים, מקים יחידה 101 ואלוף פיקוד הדרום. לחם במלחמת העצמאות ונפצע מקליע שפילח את בטנו בקרב לטרון. בתחילת שנות ה-50 הקים את יחידה 101 והוביל את פעולות התגמול. כמפקד חטיבת הצנחנים במבצע סיני היה מפקד קרב ...
for33against   לדעתי, אריאל שרון, הוא פוליטיקאי טוב למדי. יש לו את תמיכתי!, positive
for33against   אני נגד! אריאל שרון הוא בחירה גרועה למדי. אני לא מסכים עם דעותיו הפוליטיות., negative
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State set to close landmark bribe case against former PM ...

...Ariel Sharon The case, known as the Cyril Kern affair, involved allegations he received millions of dollars of bribes from Kern, a South African businessman, and from the Austrian businessman Martin Schlaff, through Sharon's sons. The State Attorney's Office is seen as likely to announce the closure of one of the most sensational cases of the past decade, sometimes known as the Cyril Kern affair. It involved allegations that former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon received millions of dollars of bribes from Kern, a South African businessman, and from the Austrian businessman Martin ...

Sharon trustees consider adding rules for transient vendors

The Sharon Township Board of Trustees is looking into adding restrictions for door-to-door solicitors who want to sell their wares within the township after a recent incident sparked concern, they said at the Aug. 14 meeting. Medina County Sheriff’s Office deputies two weeks ago stopped a group of peddlers going to door-to-door selling what he believes were magazine subscriptions, noted Trustee Brian Guccion. The van the men traveled in had Arizona license plates, but the salesmen carried Florida drivers’ licenses, which raised suspicions, he added. The deputies sent the ...

Israel To Close Bribery Case Against Sharon, His Sons

Israeli sources reported Monday that the Israeli prosecution is weighing the possibility of dropping bribery and corruption charges against former Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, and his two sons, Omri and Gilad, due to the lack of evidence. The case of the Multimillion dollars believed to have been embezzled by Sharon and his sons consumed the Israeli media for a long time, and vanished before resurfacing Monday when Israel’s leading newspaper, Haaretz, reported that the case against Sharon, who is in a coma, and his sons, will be closed. It is worth mentioning that an ...

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