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Anna Hazare

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Anna Hazare आपकी राय, समर्थन और वोट के लिए तैयार है. वोट ऑनलाइन!
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Anna Hazare - वोट के लिए

अन्ना हज़ारे | An Indian social activist who led movements to promote rural development, and investigate and punish official corruption.
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Anna Hazare - वोट के खिलाफ

क्लिक करें, अगर तुम Anna Hazare का समर्थन नहीं करते. कहो क्यों. / Click, if you do not support Anna Hazare. Say why.

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HIN: किसन बापट बाबूराव हज़ारे (मराठी: अण्णा हज़ारे; जन्म: १५ जून, १९३७) एक भारतीय समाजसेवी हैं। अधिकांश लोग उन्हें अन्ना हज़ारे के नाम से जानते हैं। सन् १९९२ में भारत सरकार द्वारा उन्हें पद्मभूषण से सम्मानित किया गया था। सूचना के अधिकार के लिये कार्य करने वालों में वे प्रमुख थे। जन लोकपाल विधेयक को पारित ...
वोट के लिए33वोट के खिलाफ   मेरी राय किसन बापट बाबूराव हजारे में काफी अच्छे नेता है. उदाहरण के लिए, क्योंकि ... (अगर मैं लिखना चाहता था, इसलिए मैं इसे यहाँ लिखा है), positive
वोट के लिए33वोट के खिलाफ   मैं सहमत नहीं हूँ. किसन बापट बाबूराव हजारे है बुरा पसंद है. उदाहरण के लिए, क्योंकि ... (अगर मैं लिखना चाहता था, इसलिए मैं इसे यहाँ लिखा है), negative
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वोट के लिए Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare hospitalised

Anna Hazare suffering from a severe chest congestion was tonight admitted to a private hospital here for further treatment following advice by doctors. Dr. K.H. Sancheti who attended to Mr. Hazare on Saturday stated that this might signal the end of the crusader's fasting capacity, owing to his age and low resistance. Speaking to The Hindu on telephone on Saturday, Dr. Sancheti said, “It is not advisable for Anna to go on fasts anymore, as his health condition and his age does not seem to permit it. I would strictly ask him to avoid it in the future.” He stated that the ...

Anna Hazare campaign against Congress won't bear fruit ...

... in UP: RLD NEW DELHI - Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) President Ajit Singh today accused Gandhian Anna Hazare of "playing politics" in the name of fighting corruption and said the proposed campaign of team Anna against Congress in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections would bear no fruit. "As long as he was fighting againt corruption, a lot of people were with him. But now he is playing politics (in the name of fighting corruption). He is choosing one party over other (in the process)," the RLD chief told reporters. "I don't think he will have any impact in UP poll," Singh, whose party ...

Supporters of Anna Hazare are unscrupulous elements, says...

... SGPC Amritsar, Punjab - A day after the incident of wavering of Black flags to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh during his visit to Golden Temple by the supporters of Anna Hazare, a strong notice was taken by the SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar.Describing protesters as unscrupulous elements, Makkar said that it was handiwork of people who have poor psyche, protesting in front of the Golden Temple. He said that it was an intolerable act. Makkar said that Golden Temple is highly respectable and spiritual place but not to carry out any protest. Makkar said that during the visit of ...

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Delhi rally wasn’t ours, was on insistence of Annaji: Mamata
On the lukewarm response the rally got, Banerjee said that she has even done rallies with just 5-6 people at the time when Indira Gandhi had lost elections.
Hazare to campaign against two former Maharashtra ministers
Slamming political parties for fielding some "corrupt and criminal" candidates, social activist Anna Hazare on Sunday said that he would campaign against two former ministers in Maharashtra, who have been given Lok Sabha tickets by Shiv Sena and NCP.
Trinamool needs no one to boost Mamata’s image: Mukul
Hazare had earlier declared his support to Banerjee as she agreed to implement his 17-point agenda.
Ekla Chalo Re: Mamata left stranded by Anna-ji
Apparently the problem was the Anna-Mamata combo isn’t exactly a crowd puller. And Ram Lila Maidan isn’t Mamata’s home turf of Kolkata’s Brigade Parade Ground where she pulled in lakhs of supporters.

KH Sancheti and AB Vajpayee, अन्ना हज़ारे biography and more...
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