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ENG: Anna Maria Bligh (born 14 July 1960) is an Australian politician and the 37th Premier of Queensland from 2007 to 2012. Bligh was an Australian Labor Party member of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland seat of South Brisbane from 1995 to 2012. Bligh was the first woman to be appointed Premier of Queensland, the third female Premier of an Australian state, and the sixth female head of government of an Australian state or territory. She led Labor to victory in the 2009 Queensland state election, becoming the first woman elected in her own right as a state premier in Australia. Bligh attempted to win a second full term as Premier in the 2012 state election. However, her party suffered the worst defeat of a sitting government in Queensland history, winning only seven seats. In ...
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Anna Bligh unsure if federal Labor made the right...

... decision in appointing Peter Slipper Speaker PREMIER Anna Bligh says it is yet to be seen if the Federal Government made the right decision to elevate Peter Slipper to the Speaker of Parliament. The Labor minority government effectively gained two extra votes in the Lower House on Thursday when former Speaker Harry Jenkins stood down to return to the back bench and was replaced by Mr Slipper. Mr Slipper, who is the member for the Queensland seat of Fisher, quit the Liberal National Party to sit as an Independent and has previously faced allegations over his use of parliamentary ...

Bill Ludwig supports embattled Anna Bligh

Labor factional boss Bill Ludwig yesterday declared Anna Bligh has his "100 per cent support". His assertion came after a rival union leader labelled the ALP's prospects in Queensland "terminal" and called for a leadership change. The Queensland Premier has been under immense scrutiny following Labor's poor result in the federal election -- where the ALP lost seven seats to the Liberal National Party -- and amid dire state polls showing a collapse in support. The latest Newspoll, released this month, showed a plunge in Labor's primary vote to 29 per cent from its election-winning ...

Bligh approves of merged tertiary education institute ...

...for central Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has given her tacit approval to a proposed merger between CQUniversity and the Central Queensland Institute of TAFE, which would result in the state's first one-stop higher education shop. Ms Bligh described the intended amalgamation as "one of the most exciting developments in post-school education that we have seen in Queensland for many years''. "If this facility is able to come together, what it offers people from all around Central Queensland is an opportunity to upgrade their skills without having to go from institution to ...

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