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Anders Fogh Rasmussen

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Siden 2009 har været NATO's generalsekretær. | The 12th Secretary General of NATO since 2009.
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DAN: Anders Fogh Rasmussen (født 26. januar 1953) er en dansk politiker, der siden 1. august 2009 har været NATO's generalsekretær. Fogh Rasmussen var formand for Venstre fra 1998 til 17. maj 2009 og var fra 27. november 2001 til 5. april 2009 Danmarks statsminister. Han var den længstsiddende statsminister fra Venstre og den eneste, der har siddet i tre på hinanden følgende valgperioder. Anders Fogh Rasmussen er Storkors af Dannebrogordenen, har modtaget Fortjenstmedaljen i guld og er placeret i rangfølgens 2. klasse nr. 1. Som statsminister var han placeret i 1. klasse nr. 4. Anders Fogh Rasmussen blev i sine unge år i Venstres Ungdom ofte kaldt "Røde Anders", fordi han blev anset for at være venstreorienteret og ...
stemme på33stemme imod   Efter min mening Anders Fogh Rasmussen er ganske god politiker. For eksempel, fordi ... (hvis jeg ønskede at skrive, hvorfor jeg skrev det her), positive
stemme på33stemme imod   Jeg er ikke enig. Anders Fogh Rasmussen er dårligt valg. For eksempel, fordi ... (hvis jeg ønskede at skrive, hvorfor jeg skrev det her), negative
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Anders Fogh er blevet farfar til tvillinger. De blev født samme dag som de royale tvillinger. Foto: HENRIK KASTENSKOV/POLFOTO Samme dag som kronprinsessen fødte, fik Anders Fogh Rasmussens søn også tvillinger med sin kone i USA. Der er ikke bare dobbelt glæde i kongehuset, men også i Bruxelles, hvor Anders Fogh Rasmussen og hans kone Anne-Mette har modtaget nyheden om, at deres søn Henrik og hans ægtefælle Kristina, der bor i USA, har fået tvillinger. - Det er ret pudsigt, at hun fødte tvillinger samme dag ...

European missile defense needs Russian and NATO systems - Rasmussen

Anders Fogh Rasmussen NATO's vision for European missile defense is two independent, but coordinated systems, the alliance's secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said on Wednesday. Russia and NATO agreed to cooperate in the creation of a joint missile defense shield in Europe during a NATO-Russia Council meeting in Lisbon in November last year. The parties agreed to formulate terms for missile defense cooperation by June 2011. "By exchanging information we share a bigger, wider picture of the skies above Europe. By developing potential synergy between two systems we ...

B92: The division of Kosovo is not an option, Anders Fogh Ra

Pristina. Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced that the division of Kosovo was not a viable option and the Alliance’s mission KFOR would continue to warrant peace and stability, B92 radio reported. The cut in KFOR numbers would not affect security, Rasmussen stated in an interview to Pristina newspaper KOHA Ditore. The Alliance was relying on the construction of responsible and moderate institutions. According to Rasmussen, it was too early to talk about NATO accession until Kosovo’s security forces have become an army. 21 January 2011 Source: ...

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NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen urges Canada to boost defence spending - CBC.ca
Fox NewsNATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen urges Canada to boost defence spendingCBC.caIn an interview airing Saturday on CBC Radio's The House, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who will preside over his final NATO heads of government summit Sept. 4-5 in Wales, said that after 25 years of "relatively calm weather" the alliance now needs to ...Moscow may be using convoy to distract from military build-up, says Nato chiefFinancial TimesNato tells Russia to halt 'illegal' actions in UkraineTelegraph.co.ukNATO rejects Russia's 'hollow denials' of Ukraine interventionStars and StripesRTall 9,932 news articles »
A NATO for a Dangerous World - Wall Street Journal
Wall Street JournalA NATO for a Dangerous WorldWall Street Journal1 job at the Wales summit, and we stand united in our resolve. We will send an unmistakable message: Today and in the future, NATO means one for all, all for one. Mr. Rasmussen is the secretary-general of NATO. Gen. Breedlove is NATO's supreme allied ...and more »
Ukraine crisis: Nato plans east European bases to counter Russia - The Guardian
The GuardianUkraine crisis: Nato plans east European bases to counter RussiaThe GuardianAnders Fogh Rasmussen said the organisations's summit in Wales next week would overcome divisions within the alliance and agree to new deployments on Russia's borders – a move certain to trigger a strong reaction from Moscow. He also outlined moves ...
Ukraine crisis: NATO boss Anders Fogh Rasmussen urges Russia to pull troops ... - ABC Online
The Copenhagen PostUkraine crisis: NATO boss Anders Fogh Rasmussen urges Russia to pull troops ...ABC OnlineUkraine crisis: NATO boss Anders Fogh Rasmussen urges Russia to pull troops back from near Ukrainian border. Updated 8 Aug 2014, 6:50amFri 8 Aug 2014, 6:50am. Anders Fogh Rasmussen Photo: Anders Fogh Rasmussen fears Russia will use sending ...Anders Fogh Rasmussen offers NATO support for UkraineThe Copenhagen PostNATO official warns of more sanctions if Russia does not 'step back from the ...Washington PostNATO stands by Ukraine, Secretary General says in KievNATO HQ (press release)Stars and Stripes -Deutsche Welleall 4,370 news articles »

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