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Anders Fogh Rasmussen

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Siden 2009 har været NATO's generalsekretær. | The 12th Secretary General of NATO since 2009.
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Anders Fogh Rasmussen (født 26. januar 1953) er en dansk politiker, der siden 1. august 2009 har været NATO's generalsekretær. Fogh Rasmussen var formand for Venstre fra 1998 til 17. maj 2009 og var fra 27. november 2001 til 5. april 2009 Danmarks statsminister. Han var den længstsiddende statsminister fra Venstre og den eneste, der har siddet i tre på hinanden følgende valgperioder. Anders Fogh Rasmussen er Storkors af Dannebrogordenen, har modtaget Fortjenstmedaljen i guld og er placeret i rangfølgens 2. klasse nr. 1. Som statsminister var han placeret i 1. klasse nr. 4.


Anders Fogh Rasmussen blev i sine unge år i Venstres Ungdom ofte kaldt "Røde Anders", fordi han blev anset for at være venstreorienteret og gå ind for økonomisk demokrati. Øgenavnet kastede han dog af sig, da han lod sig inspirere af den liberale filosof Robert Nozick i bogen Fra socialstat til minimalstat (1993). De politiske iagttagere er enige om, at Fogh siden 1993 igen er gået mod midten.


Den 4. april 2009 blev Fogh Rasmussen udpeget til generalsekretær for NATO. Dagen efter trådte han tilbage som statsminister. Han tiltrådte som generalsekretær 1. august 2009 og indtog dermed en stilling, der er den højeste opnået af en dansk politiker.


Baggrund og tidlig karriere

Anders Fogh Rasmussen er søn af gårdejer Knud Rasmussen og hustru Martha Rasmussen, født Fogh. Han er født i Ginnerup Sogn på Djursland og opvokset i landsbyen Hvidding ved Hammershøj mellem Randers og Viborg. Han er gift med pædagog Anne-Mette Rasmussen. Parret er bosiddende i Bruxelles. Sammen har de tre børn. Den ældste, Henrik Fogh Rasmussen, har markeret sig som samfundsdebatør, blandt andet med bogen Amerikanske Tilstande.

  • Sproglig-samfundsfaglig student fra Viborg Katedralskole (1972).
  • Cand.oecon. fra Aarhus Universitet, (1978).
  • Konsulent i Håndværksrådet (1978-1987).
  • Stifter og formand for Liberal Ungdom (1970-1972).
  • Landsformand for Venstres Ungdom, (1974-1976).
  • Medlem af Venstres hovedbestyrelse (1973-1978) og igen fra 1984 og frem.
  • Formand for Venstres oplysningsudvalg (1984 og frem).
  • Næstformand for Venstres landsorganisation (1985 og frem).
  • Medlem af Folketinget den 1. oktober 1978.
  • Formand for Folketingets Boligudvalg (1981-1986).
  • Medlem af Folketingets Finansudvalg (1982-1987).
  • Næstformand for ditto (1994-1998).
  • Formand for Folketingets Politisk-Økonomiske Udvalg (1993-1998).
  • Medlem af folketingsgruppens bestyrelse (1984-1987) og (1992-2001).
  • Politisk ordfører (1992-1998).
  • Formand for folketingsgruppen og partiets statsministerkandidat (1998-2001).
  • Næstformand for Udenrigspolitisk Nævn (1998-2001).







Anders Fogh Rasmussen (born 26 January 1953) is a Danish politician who served as the 12th and current Secretary General of NATO. Rasmussen served as Prime Minister of Denmark from 27 November 2001 to 5 April 2009.


Rasmussen was the leader of the Liberal Party (Venstre), and headed a center right-wing coalition with the Conservative People's Party which took office in November 2001 and won its second and third terms in February 2005 and in November 2007. Rasmussen's government relied on the Danish People's Party for support, keeping with the Danish tradition of minority government.


In his early career, Rasmussen was a strident critic of the welfare state, writing the classical liberal book From Social State to Minimal State in 1993. However, through the 1990s, his views moved towards the political centre. His government introduced tougher limits on non-EEA immigration and a freeze on tax rates (skattestoppet in Danish). Certain taxes were lowered, but the Conservative coalition partners repeatedly argued for more tax cuts and a flat tax rate at no higher than 50%. Rasmussen's government implemented an administrative reform reducing the number of municipalities (kommuner) and replacing the thirteen counties (amter) with five regions, which he referred to as "the biggest reform in thirty years". He authored several books about taxation and government structure.


He is of no relation to either his predecessor, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, or to his successor, Lars Løkke Rasmussen; their shared last name is common in Denmark.


NATO Secretary General

Anders Fogh Rasmussen became the 12th NATO Secretary General on 1 August 2009, succeeding Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, who held the post from 2004 until 2009. The announcement was made on 4 April 2009, at the 2009 Strasbourg–Kehl summit in Strasbourg. During the final selection process only one country, Turkey, remained opposed to Rasmussen's candidacy, partly because of his handling of the cartoon episode in 2005, when the publication in some Danish newspapers of cartoons of Muhammad caused violent protests. Another major element of Turkey's opposition was Denmark's tolerance of Roj TV, which is claimed by the Turkish government to be a mouthpiece for the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Eventually, Turkey withdrew its opposition to Rasmussen's appointment when it received assurances from US president Barack Obama that Turkish officials would be appointed to three high NATO posts.


After his accession on 1 August 2009, Rasmussen's first mission was a visit to Afghanistan, where he met with President Karzai and senior Afghan ministers, including Minister for Foreign Affairs Spanta, Minister for Defence General Wardak, and Minister of Interior Atmar to discuss the then impending presidential and provincial council elections.


In April, 2011, in relation to the 2011 Libyan civil war Rasmussen said that on the day NATO started taking command of the mission under the U.N. mandate, the alliance ruled out arming the rebels. Rasmussen said the coalition under his control was clear about its mission. "We are not in Libya to arm people. We are in Libya to protect civilians against attacks" from loyalists of the country's Muammar Gaddafi government, he said at that time.


In October 2011, the intensive 7-month NATO intervention had "now moved much closer" to its end, according to Rasmussen. The last two major outposts of Gaddafi loyalists—Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte and the town of Bani Walid—had fallen and the deposed leader had been killed as he tried to flee from Sirte toward Misrata. Gaddafi's killing came with close NATO aerial support of Libyan ground forces.



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