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Altaf Hussain

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متحدہ قومی موومنٹ کے بانی اور رہنما ہے. | A Pakistani politician. The founder and leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).
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پر کلک کریں ، اگر آپ کو الطاف حسین کی حمایت نہیں کرتے. باتیں کیوں کہتے ہو. | Click, if you do not support Altaf Hussain. Say why.

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for0against   The Philosophy of Altaf Hussain is the only way to save Pakistan, amjadkaimkhani
for0against   Please altaf bhai fuck all these bloody politician I am with u basterd zardari and fucker nawaz sharif bring revolution in pakistan, mrashi399
for12against   fucking asshole bloody Britisher, irtz
for2against   he is a bastard... in real a great enemy of pakistan. pscyho and a mental case. may ALLAH show him the result of his doings in life and the life after. ameen., kamilalirauf
for1against   The most coward politician of pakistan.If Benazir & Musharraf can come to pakistan despite all odds why can,t he when he says that MQM is 3rd largest party with full control in kci, bilalkhan04
for1against   I don't Know how a man can call himself a leader who because of fear can not live among his people,get citizenship of another country and try to become a telephonic Lion., bilalkhan04
for1against   jhuta,qatil.dhoky baz,gunda,fraud..jis ny kbi pura pakistan nae dkha usy koi haq nae pakistan ki siasat ma aany ka, kanwalmehmood
for1against   his loyalty is with UK. every one wants to know about his business and income. How he is living in UK like King life., kaleem

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