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photo  المصريين الأحرار

المصريين الأحرار - for

(Ḥizb Al-Maṣrīyīn Al-Aḥrār) | The Free Egyptians Party is an Egyptian liberal party.
 NO! المصريين الأحرار

المصريين الأحرار - against

انقر فوق، إذا كنت لا تؤيد هذا الحزب السياسي. | Click, if you do not support this political party. Say why.

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ARA: حزب المصريين الأحرار هو حزب مصري ذو مرجعية ليبرالية، أعلن عن تأسيسه في مؤتمر صحفي بمركز شباب الجزيرة يوم الأحد 3 أبريل 2011، حيث قام نخبة من المفكرين والنشطاء السياسيين بالإعلان عن برنامج وأهداف الحزب ومبادئه الأساسية. ووافقت لجنة الأحزاب على إجراءات تأسيسه يوم الأثنين 4 يوليو 2011. انضم عدد من الشخصيات العامة والمعروفة للحزب مثل الكاتب محمد سلماوى، الأستاذ جمال الغيطاني، ,الدكتور هاني سري الدين، الشاعر أحمد فؤاد نجم، المخرج خالد ...
for33against   وأنا أؤيد ذلك بوضوح. حزب المصريين الأحرار وحزب جيدة جدا. على سبيل المثال، لأنه... (كتبت إذا أردت أن أكتب لماذا انه لامر جيد، فإنه هنا), positive
for33against   أنا أعارض بشدة. حزب المصريين الأحرار هو خيار سيئ للغاية. على سبيل المثال، لأنه... (كتبت إذا أردت أن أكتب لماذا هي سيئة ، وأنه هنا), negative
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for المصريين الأحرار

Free Egyptians Party support Al-Azhar Defence Front

The Free Egyptians Party declared in a statement on Monday it would support Al-Azhar Defence Front “in the face on the onslaught against the centrist and ancient institution, considered a beacon of tolerant Islam, respect for others and a symbol of the Egyptian unity and their struggle against the repressive power of ideological extremism.” The party called on all political groups, civil movements, intellectuals and organisations to support the front in its fight against what is perceived as an increasing radicalisation of the ancient institution. The front was established ...

Free Egyptians say no to coalition govt based on party...

... influence The Free Egyptians Party has rejected the notion of a coalition cabinet whose formation would reflect the number of seats in Parliament held by different political parties. “There is an urgent need for a national government with real expertise that would be able to save the economy from collapse, face the fundamental problems of the citizens and repair the infrastructure with a realistic vision, without resorting to hasty and partial solutions,” the party said in a statement on Thursday. The statement cautioned against a repetition of the crisis of the ...

Free Egyptians Party launches national reconciliation...

... initiative The liberal Free Egyptians Party has announced it will launch a series of talks with other parties on holding a conference on national reconciliation. Cultural, social, economic and political figures would be invited. Party chief Ahmed Saeed said in a statement Wednesday that the initiative aims at unity and overcoming negative conflicts that resulted from electoral rivalry among national groups. The critical phase Egypt has been through requires everyone to forget about differences and narrow personal interests, Saeed said. Read more:EGYPT INDEPENDENT (27/06/2012)

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هل انضم اعضاء من الحزب الوطني للمصريين الاحرار and more...
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