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Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

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The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland is a political party in Northern Ireland.
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ENG: The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland is a political party in Northern Ireland. It is Northern Ireland's fifth-largest party overall, with eight seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly and one in the House of Commons. Founded in 1970 from the New Ulster Movement, the Alliance Party originally represented moderate and non-sectarian Unionism. However, over time, particularly in the 1990s, it moved towards neutrality on the Union, and has come to represent wider liberal and non-sectarian concerns. It opposes consociational power sharing as deepening the sectarian divide, and, in the Northern Ireland Assembly, it is designated as neither unionist nor nationalist, but 'Other'. In May 2010 the Alliance Party won their first Westminster seat in a General Election, in Belfast East, ...
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Lo welcomes launch of NICEM manifesto

Alliance MLA Anna Lo has welcomed the launch of the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities manifesto for the upcoming Assembly election on 5th May. Anna was the first ethnic minority to be elected to the Assembly. Along with Anna, the Alliance Party has also selected Hannah Su to stand in Fermanagh and South Tyrone in the upcoming Assembly elections. Anna Lo MLA said: "This manifesto highlights the disadvantages that ethnic minorities often face in Northern Ireland such as in education or employment. "It is important to increase the level of participation amongst ethnic ...

Alliance slams Empey vampire comments and says he should apo

Alliance Youth Chair Conrad Dickson has criticized comments by the Employment and Learning Minister Sir Reg Empey that some young people not in employment, education or training were like 'vampires' as they get up late and stay up all night. He said Sir Reg Empey should apologise for his remarks. Conrad Dickson said: "These comments by Sir Reg Empey clearly show how out of touch he is with young people today. What he said was a disgrace and he should apologise for his remarks.. "This was obviously Sir Reg's attempt to look tough but it has backfired and embarrassed him. "It's ok for him to ...

Alliance Party leader speaks out on justice

The leader of the Alliance party in Northern Ireland said he believes Stormont's power-sharing administration is mature enough to take responsibility for justice and policing affairs. David Ford told his party conference that the political reaction to recent murders showed that things have changed. Since 1972 Westminster, not Stormont, has appointed Northern Ireland's minister for Justice and Policing.The House of Commons has passed legislation to allow Stormont take charge. Following the recent murders of a PSNI officer and two British soldiers, all Northern Ireland's parties had a common ...

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