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The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE Party) is a European political party.
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Media Freedoms and Accession Talks: Speak up Serbia!
In light of the launch of accession talks with Serbia, EP rapporteur on the country Jelko Kacin is organizing a public discussion which will look into the underlying challenges facing media freedom in the country. The outstanding issues have been transparency of media ownership and state-funded advertisements which render free and open competition for independent media outlets extremely difficult. As one of the strongest pro-enlargement voices in the EU, ALDE argues that EU-related reforms in aspirant and candidate countries must be deep and fully implemented. Freedom of media is essential if the reform effort is to deliver results in Serbia. The event, which will take place merely two weeks after the snap parliamentary elections in Serbia, would provide an excellent opportunity to reflect on the anticipated shortfalls of the media coverage of the campaign and to have an exchange of views among the stakeholders on what has stymied reforms in the past. These issues should be tackled

Lithuania formally approved as 19th member of Eurozone
ALDE MEPs today welcomed a Council decision formally approving of Lithuania’s adoption of the euro as its currency.

More ambitious binding energy efficiency targets must remain a priority
EU Commissioners met today in Brussels to outline the European Commission's new energy saving proposals for 2030.

Malaysian airlines flight MH17 crash: ALDE calls for full and transparent investigation
The tragic crash of a Malaysian airlines passenger jet today over the disputed eastern territory of Ukraine whilst on a routine flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur raises many questions and suspicions that it was a despicable act of terrorism on the part of pro-Russian rebels with the aid of Russian supplied anti-aircraft weapons.

ALDE welcomes nomination of Czech commissioner designate, Vera Jourova
Guy Verhofstadt welcomed news from Prague that the Government has finally settled on the name of Vera Jourova as the country's candidate for European Commissioner.

Corruption in Russia - cancelled
We regret that this conference has been cancelled.

ALDE/UEAPME SME Lunch Debate Agenda: Introductory Remarks • Jürgen CREUTZMANN, MEP, Chair of the ALDE SME campaign Task Force: Presentation of ALDE Campaign • Peter FAROSS, Secretary General UEAPME: Presentation of Electoral Manifesto • Massimo BALDINATO, Member of Commissioner Tajani Cabinet Statements SME access to financePhilippe DE BACKER, ALDE MEP, with intervention by Gerhard HUEMER – Director Fiscal & Economic Policy UEAPME, Georg RAAB – COM, DG ENTR Unit D3 Better Regulation Jürgen CREUTZMANN, ALDE MEP, with intervention by Luc HENDRICKX, Director Legal Affairs Enterprise Policy/ UEAPME; Maria Pia VIGLIAROLO-DEL COLOMBO - COM DG ENTR Unit D4 Entrepreneurship & human ressources Michael THEURER, ALDE MEP with intervention by Liliane VOLOZINSKIS - Director Employment & Social Policy/UEAPME; Simone BALDASSARRI - COM DG ENTR Unit D1Debate with the audience

Euro Reform 2014
We are pleased to invite you to the following Conference on 29 January at 15:00 in the European Parliament ( for more details the programme can be downloaded here ) To register for the event please click on here. Should you have any further question, please contact euroreform2014@gmail.com We are looking forward to welcoming you at the event Kind regards, Guy Verhofstadt

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