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The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE Party) is a European political party.
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ALDE Group welcomes the adoption of anti-discrimination clause by the Ukrainian Parliament
Verkhovna Rada has adopted, today, a package of laws the European Union requires in exchange of its visa liberalisation action plan. Besides the anti-corruption bill, the Labour Code was the most controversial,as Parliament failed twice to pass the anti-discrimination amendments in earlier voting.

Valletta: Europe must get its own house in order before lecturing others - ALDE welcomes decision to hold EU-Turkey summit-
The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament regrets Member States have once again missed an opportunity to provide realistic solutions to the migration and refugee crisis.

CONFERENCE: Countering Extremism and Improving Governance in the MENA Region
The MENA* region is a complex region, undergoing many developments; namely a civil war is going on in Syria. The ALDE Group would like firstly to analyse which are the possibilities that exist to end violence in Syria; secondly we would focus on the current situation in the MENA region, examining the role of the European Union including its policy instruments, carving out steps and policies that have to be taken (by the States and their societies as well as by the EU) to improve governance in the MENA countries.*MENA = Middle East and North Africa Interpretation will be provided in the following languages: BG, CS, DA, DE, EN, ES, ET, FI, FR, HR, LT, LV, NL, PT, RO, SL, SV. This conference will be livestreamed.

Verhofstadt: "Europe has to show full solidarity in the merciless fight against terrorism that President Hollande has announced"
What we witnessed in Paris last night was a barbaric attack on humanity itself and the universal values of liberty and fraternity France stands for. My thoughts in this terrible moment go out to the victims and their families.

Next European Commission President will be directly elected, says EP - European Parliament supports European lists for European elections –
Today, the European Parliament has adopted a report supporting European electoral lists. This means that all Europeans can vote for the nr 1 candidates (“Spitzenkandidaten”) of the European political parties and herewith directly elect the President of the European Commission.

ALDE is hosting a conference on 21-22 October 2015 in the European Parliamen that brings together ALDE's partner parties and civil society representatives from the Western Balkans in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania. This is the fourth regional conference organised over the last 5 years and the first one held in the European Parliament.

ALDE Seminar: How to solve frozen conflicts in the Eastern neighbourhood
The ALDE Group is organising a public exchange of views on "How to solve frozen conflicts in the Eastern neighbourhood" on Thursday 1st October. The discussion will focus on the many frozen conflicts throughout the Eastern neighbourhood and on ways to ease tensions and to reach solutions to these conflicts. The invited speakers have personal experience and involvement in the efforts to deal with the challenges arising from these conflicts. Interpretation will be provided in English, French and Spanish.

Reshaping the EU Trade Policy - new markets and challenges
International trade is key to our economy. European companies need to access more markets worldwide where there is demand for our products and services. The Doha round has not succeeded in creating a multilateral trading system and so bilateral and plurilateral negotiations are ongoing between countries and regions. Europe needs to be a part of this development. International trade raises the living standard by creating better paid jobs and offering more choice to consumers. It is in this context that the Commission is presenting its new European Trade Strategy. ALDE would like to contribute constructively to developing this new strategy by listening to what companies, in particular SMEs, need and expect from such a strategy. Furthermore, it is important to hear how representatives working on national trade promotion see their role in this strategy and how it can benefit the Member States. The ALDE Group is therefore organising the hearing "Reshaping the EU trade policy – new market

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