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The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE Party) is a European political party.
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How to deal with Russia?
Petras Austrevicius, MEP, is hosting a conference on EU-Russia relations in light of the Ukrainian crisis and its consequences on the overall European security. The following speakers will be on the panel:Andrey Illarionov, Senior fellow, Cato Institute, Washington DC. Andrei Piontkovsky, Senior Fellow, Institute for System Analysis, Moscow. Mr Piontkovsky contributes regularly to Novaya Gazeta and the Moscow Times. He is a political commentator for the BBC World Services and Radio Liberty in Moscow.Alexander Schetinin, Journalist, New Region information agency Interpretation will be provided in English, Russian and French.

Hungary: the situation of democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights
ALDE will hold a hearing on the situation of Hungary during the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Representatives of civil society, press and experts have been invited to speak about developments in Hungary, notably the crackdown on NGOs supporting democracy and civil rights. Europe is a community of values. We have to stand up for those values, when they are under threat. Europe cannot credibly promote fundamental rights abroad if we do not enforce them within the EU itself. We should also send a powerful signal that authoritarianism and intolerance have no place in Europe. Follow Webstream: http://go.alde.eu/livestream

The ALDE New Year Conference on "Relaunching the EU economy – how to overcome the investment gap?" will be led by ALDE President, Mr Guy Verhofstadt, MEP, and follows the presentation of the ALDE contribution to revive growth in the EU, the "European Investment and Recovery Act". The Vice President of the European Commission, Mr Jyrki Katainen, and Polish Minister of Finance, Mr Mateusz Szczurek will give keynote speeches. It will be followed by a discussion of the topic by an expert panel including the audience. The conference will discuss different policy options of how to revive growth in the EU. The overall aim of the conference is to assess whether the current policies address the issue or whether additional measures are needed to overcome the investment gap and to relaunch the EU economy. ALDE Press Release: ALDE launches a recovery & investment plan of 700 billion euros

Potential to fill investment gap of 700 billion euros if other MS follow example of Germany, Italy, Spain and France
Reacting to the promising news that Europe's four biggest economies may contribute €15bn to the reserve of the European Investment Plan - on top of the expected €21bn of EU capital (€16bn from the EU budget and €5bn from the EIB) - ALDE President Guy Verhofstadt urges all MS to follow their example to reserve money for the fund's guarantee scheme.

Russian Embargo: Challenges and Solutions for European Businesses
Russian Embargo: Challenges and Solutions for European Businesses What are the alternative markets for EU food producers and how to access them? What are the Member States and business representatives doing in order to approach these new markets and what strategies prove to be successful? Could this embargo be a chance to promote local products? Does the answer lay in reorientation towards new markets which are more stable and reliable than Russia? This event aims to serve as a panel for business analysts and operators from several countries to discuss the economic implications of this embargo for various sectors as well as possible solutions. The emphasis of this exchange lies on the way forward and alternatives for the European agri-food business and other sectors. This event does not intend to discuss the possible value and effectiveness of the sanctions imposed by the EU or Russia. Instead, it wants to focus on the impact but also on the solutions for the food producers and other

ALDE secures debate and resolution on EU involvement in CIA torture programme
Despite opposition from some groups in the European Parliament, the Liberal and Democrat Group have today secured statements by both the European Commission and the European Council next week on EU Governments' involvement in the CIA's torture programme. A resolution will also be drafted for the February plenary session.

Paving the way for trucks of the future
“We found a solution to promote safer cabs and more environmentally friendly trucks thanks to improved aerodynamics", said ALDE MEP Gesine Meissner (FDP, Germany) after the European Parliament and Council reached an informal agreement tonight on the revision of the Weights and Dimensions directive aiming at reducing the impact of heavy goods vehicles on environment and at improving road safety, especially for vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians.

Make human rights a priority
Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament celebrate today’s United Nations Human Rights Day.

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