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The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE Party) is a European political party.
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Corruption in sport: ALDE demands zero-tolerance and calls for equal access to sport activities
Not only is Europe facing serious ethical challenges like doping and match fixing at sports events, many EU countries are also facing challenges derived from increased migration, including the need to facilitate the social integration of migrants through sport.

Poland’s abortion law: Polish women win a battle
The ALDE Group in the European parliament welcomes the rejection today in the Polish parliament of the bill for an almost complete abortion ban. Today’s vote constitutes a victory for Polish women, whose determined fight has succeeded in convincing the Polish Sejm to abandon this dangerous and counterproductive legislation.

Since 2014 the Libyan political power has been split between two rival governments in Tripoli and in Tobruk. The government in Tobruk was recognised by the international community in December 2015. While both governments argue over the authority in the region, several armed groups scramble for power in this highly destabilised country. After five years of civil war and a fundamental change in regime the situation in Libya remains worrisome. Recent events like the battle of Sirte and the fights over the control of oil facilities and terminals are putting Libya back on the global agenda. During this event, participants will have the opportunity to have an open dialogue with members of the Tobruk government in order to learn more about the current political and military situation of Libya. Interpretation will be provided in English, French and Arabic.

EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Parliament’s Industry Committee adopts ambitious reforms
The European Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committee today adopted its legislative opinion on the reform of the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme. The report, drafted by a Liberal and Democrat MEP, proposes a series of reforms to ensure the next phase of the ETS helps to deliver on the goals of the Paris agreement on climate change ratified last week and the EU’s own 2030 climate change targets.

In March 2016, the European Commission presented its proposal for a Directive amending Directive 96/71/EC concerning the posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services. Since then the proposal has been subject to heated discussions in the Council and also triggered a yellow card from the Parliaments of 11 Member States. With a view to the upcoming negotiations on the proposal in the European Parliament, this ALDE event will discuss the contents of the proposal and its implications on the free movement of services. Legal aspects as well as the views from employer and employee organisations will be put forward in order to enable a genuine discussion. Interpretation will be provided in English, French, Czech and Latvian.


Unaccompanied minors in Calais: France and the UK must come to European Parliament to explain this humanitarian disaster
European Liberals and Democrats have today called on the European Commission, as well as on the British and French governments, to come to the European Parliament to explain what will happen to over 1000 unaccompanied children living in the so- called Calais Jungle. According to the latest study by Unicef, the situation of these minors is rapidly deteriorating. The ALDE Group will send a fact-finding mission to the camp on Wednesday, calling for the protection of children before the demolition of the camp next week.

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