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The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party (ALDE Party) is a European political party.
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ECJ ruling a welcome boost to air passenger rights
The European Court of Justice has confirmed that in the event of a flight cancellation due to unforeseen technical problems, air carriers are still required to compensate passengers. Under EU law, in the event of a cancelled flight, airlines are obliged to provide adequate care for the passengers concerned and to pay compensation (between €250 and €600, depending on the distance).

ALDE Seminar: The Red Web
How Russia uses the internet for propaganda and surveillance

Exceptional measures adopted to boost growth and job creation for Greece
Today, 17th of September, the European Parliament's Regional Affairs Committee, chaired by Mrs.Iskra Mihaylova, adopted the European Commission proposal for a regulation amending the Common Provisions Regulation of the European Structural and Investment Funds, as regards special measures for Greece.

Extraordinary summit: “Tusk should put comprehensive asylum and migration package on agenda”, Guy Verhofstadt
Commenting on Tusk`s decision to organise a refugee crisis summit Wednesday next week, ALDE President Guy Verhofstadt said: “I welcome Tusk's decision, which is better late than never. But the summit should not merely try to find a deal on the relocation question, as even an agreement to relocate 160000 refugees will not solve this crisis.”

EU strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian region adopted
The Committee on Regional Development has today adopted a Report on an EU strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian region (EUSAIR). The Report by Liberal and Democrat MEP Ivan Jakovčić proposes a number of collective actions and projects with a view to improving functional cooperation in areas such as the transport infrastructure, economic development and protection of the environment across political boundaries.

How to solve frozen conflicts in the Eastern neighbourhood
The ALDE Group is organising a public exchange of views on "How to solve frozen conflicts in the Eastern neighbourhood" on Thursday 1st October. The discussion will focus on the many frozen conflicts throughout the Eastern neighbourhood and on ways to ease tensions and to reach solutions to these conflicts. The invited speakers have personal experience and involvement in the efforts to deal with the challenges arising from these conflicts. Interpretation will be provided in English, French and Spanish.

IORPs: will my children have a pension?
On 27th March 2014, the European Commission adopted a legislative proposal for new rules on Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision, or pension funds (IORPs). The proposal aims at improving governance and transparency of these funds in Europe, promoting cross-border activity, and helping long-term investment. Different categories of stakeholders would be affected by the new rules: first of all citizens in general but in particular those who are mobile across borders in the course of their careers. Multinational companies would also benefit from the consolidation of their existing pension schemes (possibly in different Member States) into one occupational pension fund. Member States would benefit because well-governed occupational pension funds, and wider geographic coverage, are expected to reduce some of the fiscal pressure on state pension systems. Finally, employers, including SMEs, are expected to benefit through the reduced cost of joining an existing occupational

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