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U.S. Representative for New Jersey, since 2000 - member of the Democratic Party.
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ENG:Albio Sires (born January 26, 1951 in Bejucal, Cuba) is the U.S. Representative for New Jersey's 8th congressional district. The district includes some of Jersey City, as well as most of the Latino neighborhoods of Newark. He used to represent New Jersey's 13th congressional district from November 2006-January 2013, which was eliminated after redistricting in 2012. He is a member of the Democratic Party. He previously represented district 33 in the New Jersey General Assembly from 2000 to 2006. Early life, education and career Albio Sires was born in Cuba and immigrated to the United States with his family at age 11 with the help of relatives in the United States. Sires is a graduate of Memorial High School. He went to Saint Peter's College on a basketball scholarship and received ...
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Congressman Sires Supports Creation of Job Corps Program

Congressman Sires cosponsored H.R. 2914, the Emergency Jobs to Restore the American Dream Act. This legislation was introduced by Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), and would create jobs through the establishment of job corps programs. “This legislation creates jobs by funding job corps programs,” said Congressman Sires. “While this concept may be simple, its impact would be tremendous, and nationally, over 2.2 million jobs could be created.” The Emergency Jobs to Restore the American Dream Act would create several job corps programs. Specifically, the School ...

Sires Objects to Reduction in Postal Services

Congressman Sires joined his colleagues in the House of Representatives in sending a letter to United States Postal Service (USPS) Post Master General Patrick Donahue. The letter, to object to the proposal to slow first-class service and close processing centers, was lead by Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN). “The Post Office plays a vital role in our community, providing affordable and reliable service that many citizens and businesses depend on” said Congressman Sires. “Reducing service will disproportionately affect millions of Americans and cut thousands of jobs.” On ...

Pay Roll Tax Cuts And Unemployment Benefits Extension

Mister Speaker with our economy still struggling and unemployment remaining unacceptably high, now is not the time to take more money out of the pockets of hard working Americans.The majority is opposing an extension of the Payroll Tax holiday enacted earlier this year that gave virtually all working Americans a much needed tax cut.The Payroll Tax holiday cut the Social Security payroll taxes of over 160 million workers.Economic uncertainty both here in the U-S and abroad, makes this a dangerous time to eliminate an important tax cut that is saving American families an average of $1,000 per ...

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Washington Review, December 8, 2017
While in Washington this week, I introduced two bills to strengthen protections for consumer data, spoke against the tax bill on the House Floor, attended a Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on counterterrorism in Africa, and held a number of meetings. Additionally, the House passed a short-term continuing resolution to prevent a government shutdown. Strengthening Protections for Consumer Data Speaking on the House Floor Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing Meetings Legislation on the Floor Strengthening Protections for Consumer Data This week, along with Senator Menendez, I introduced two bills to strengthen protections for consumer data. The Consumer Data Protection Act would require credit reporting agencies to notify the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), as well as customers and law enforcement, in the event of a data breach. This bill would also ban arbitration clauses. The second bill we introduced was the Commercial Privacy Bi
Washington Review, December 1, 2017
This week in Washington, I cosponsored a resolution mandating anti-sexual harassment training in the House, attended a Transportation and Infrastructure markup on bills related to disaster recovery and combating human trafficking, met with a former Venezuelan mayor, and met with members of JP Morgan Chase. I also cosponsored a resolution to retain the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction. H.Res. 630 Transportation and Infrastructure Markup Antonio Ledezma JP Morgan Chase H.Res. 587 H.Res. 630 On Wednesday, the House voted on a resolution which I cosponsored, H.Res. 630. Introduced by Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) and Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), this resolution would mandate the yearly completion of anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training by all members and employees of the House of Representatives. Additionally, this resolution would require that all offices post the rights and protections afforded to House employees under the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 (CAA)
Congressman Sires’ Statement on the FCC’s Net Neutrality Proposal
(Washington, D.C.) – Congressman Sires issued the following statement in response to FCC Chairman Pai’s proposal to repeal net neutrality rules: “I strongly support an open and vibrant internet as our economy and productivity rely on it.  The FCC’s rushed rule making process is highly concerning and has been done without adequate consideration or input from all stakeholders who would be impacted by such a sweeping decision.  This move follows the same pattern of irresponsible proposals put forth by the Trump Administration that impede consumer interests. Congress should have the final say on any proposal that would alter net neutrality rules to ensure that laws are not enacted that could have a harmful impact on consumers, small businesses, and jobs.”
Sires, McCaul, Yoho, Introduce Multilateral Aid Review Act
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressmen Albio Sires (D-NJ), Michael McCaul (R-TX), and Ted Yoho (R-FL), members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, introduced the Multilateral Aid Review Act of 2017 to ensure a credible and rigorous analysis of the effectiveness of United States investments in multilateral entities. Congressman Sires: “U.S. foreign assistance is critical, but with increasingly limited diplomatic resources, it is essential to ensure that this assistance is being used effectively. This bill would provide greater oversight by assessing the efficacy of U.S. investments in multilateral entities, which will provide an important tool to guide U.S. funding decisions. Consequently, this bill would also create incentives for performance improvements, greater transparency, and accountability amongst multilateral entities.” Congressman McCaul: “United States government agencies collectively spent over $10 billion on funding multilateral entities in fiscal year 2016. W

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