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photo  Alberta Liberal

 Alberta Liberal

The Alberta Liberal Party is a provincial political party in Alberta, Canada. | Le Parti libéral de l'Alberta

photo  Alberta NDP

 Alberta NDP

The Alberta New Democratic Party or Alberta NDP | Le Nouveau Parti démocratique de l'Alberta est un parti politique social-démocrate provincial.

photo  PC Alberta

 PC Alberta

The Progressive Conservative Association (Party) of Alberta | L'Association progressiste-conservateur de l'Alberta

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No one from the candidates (write your own candidate)


for3against   Besides the Alberta Conservatives are too backward to realize that "Progressive" and "Conservative" are opposing factors making their party name an oxymoron!, Lucifer
for3against   Now, if Alberta voters would vote for the same party that nearly 60% of them admit they support we can end the 30+ yr political drought and regain some truly progressive work done, Lucifer
for2against   If this is true then this must be the most unscientific poll in history, SEWARD
for1against   What do you think about this candidates? Which one is your favourite? Do you need other candidates? You can add your own... It's easy., martina

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Number of votesRatio
Alberta Liberal2213.93%
Alberta NDP53.17%
PC Alberta2113.3%

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Arguments of registered users

Alberta's Wildrose Party Must Embrace "Dirty Harry Gambit"

A lot of people are wondering if the upstart Wildrose party can win the upcoming Alberta election. I think it can. But to win the Wildrosers will need to do three things. First, they absolutely must stick to their conservative principles. It's the party's ideological orientation, after all, which distinguishes it from the Progressive Conservative party's "Big Tent" more wishy-washy approach. And just as important, it's the party's conservatism which mobilizes and energizes its base. The equation is simple: If you can't keep your base onside, you can't win elections. Yet, running simply as ideological conservatives isn't enough. To win, the Wildrose party must also vigorously promote as part of its platform an issue that's popular both with its base and with mainstream Alberta ...

fabo - 6 years ago

Alberta may test Internet voting

Bill 7 accepts 92 recommendations The Stelmach government's new electoral reforms reject key recommendations from Elections Alberta - including adopting fixed voting dates and leadership finance rules - but allow for testing of online voting and help remove political influence over the process. Bill 7, the Election Statutes Amendment Act, was introduced Thursday and responds to 182 recommendations made by former elections boss Lorne Gibson following a 2008 election that was plagued by long lineups, record-low 41 per cent turnout, and a voters list missing about a quarter of eligible electors. Gibson was turfed last year by a Tory-dominated committee, but his long list of recommendations were consolidated down to 144, of which the government accepted or revised 92 and rejected ...

bibi - 8 years ago

Alberta's reforms fall short

The Alberta government introduced some long overdue electoral reforms last week. But in doing so it drew attention to the yawning gap that still exists between Alberta and most other provinces when it comes to creating a more level playing field for all parties during election campaigns. It's well known that elections in Alberta are usually predictable affairs. The Conservatives win big leaving the opposition parties to lick their wounds and limp along as best they can. What is not so well known is that the rules here are quite different from other provinces. Take campaign financing: Alberta is the only province that does not limit spending by either a party or a candidate. In Ontario, for example, there is a formula that limits campaign spending by a political party in each constituency ...

martina - 8 years ago
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