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The Alberta New Democratic Party or Alberta NDP | Le Nouveau Parti démocratique de l'Alberta est un parti politique social-démocrate provincial.
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ENG: The Alberta New Democratic Party or Alberta NDP is a social-democratic political party in Alberta, Canada, which was originally founded as the Alberta section of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. From the mid-1980s to 2004, the party abbreviated its name as the "New Democrats" (ND). In the 2012 provincial election the NDP picked up two new seats in Edmonton, regaining their previous 4 seat total. Both Rachel Notley and Brian Mason safely held onto their seats while David Eggen was re-elected as the member for Edmonton-Calder. Newcomer Deron Bilous was also elected in Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview, the seat formerly held by Martin. In many other ridings the party also managed to win more votes than they had been able to attain previously. Leader: Brian Mason President: ...
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Alberta NDP would axe carbon capture projects

Alberta's NDP says it's time to bury $2 billion in carbon capture and storage tests and reallocate the remaining funds to projects that matter. Party leader Brian Mason says he would use the unspent $400 million on initiatives such as interest-free loans for green home retrofits. Tory Leader Alison Redford has said she doesn't plan on pursuing carbon capture and storage once current test projects are complete. Other NDP environmental promises in the runup to the April 23 election include setting hard deadlines for cleaning up oilsands tailings ponds and making oil companies pay the ...

Alberta New Democrats release health-care report after public hearings

CALGARY — The Alberta NDP released a new health care reportonthe 1st Februaryweekend. The report, called "What People Want," is the result of public hearings the NDP held in seven communities across the province last fall. The 37-page report touches on two main themes the NDP says Albertans feel are crippling the health care system: a shortage of long-term care beds and the effects of that shortage such as increased wait times. The report also includes 37 recommendations. It will be handed out to every MLA just ahead of the legislature reconvening this week. NDP Leader Brian Mason ...

Alberta’s NDP and Wildrose Alliance want to ask more questions

EDMONTON- Alberta's opposition parties joined Wednesday to argue against what they say is an unfair allotment of time in question period. Earlier this week, Speaker Ken Kowalski assigned the number of questions each political party can expect to ask during daily question period. Under the terms of the letter, the NDP and Wildrose Alliance would both get two questions. But their second questions come as either the 17th or 18th questions of the day. According to the Wildrose, those questions get asked less than 63 per cent of the time because of time constraints. While the minutiae of ...

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NDP continue to press Prentice PCs to support inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
EDMONTON – NDP Aboriginal Relations critic said Tuesday that the Prentice PCs’ announcement of an education strategy about violence against Indigenous women will continue to fail to meet the needs of Indigenous Albertans until the PCs support an inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, something Prentice has repeatedly refused to do. “The entire Indigenous community across this country has repeatedly called for an inquiry,” Bilous said. “Raising awareness isn’t enough unless the government will provide meaningful action to get to the bottom of violence against Indigenous women in Alberta and across Canada.”   In September, all 48 Alberta First Nations Chiefs supported a resolution calling on Prentice to support an inquiry, which he rejected. Bilous noted that NDP Leader has also written to Premier Jim Prentice, asking him to support an inquiry.   “When you have the community of chiefs, activists and Indigenous
Royal Alex making people sick
EDMONTON – Documents obtained by Alberta’s NDP through a Freedom of Information request indicate long-neglected infrastructure problems at the Royal Alexandra hospital are contributing to infection rates and making patients sicker. Alberta’s NDP Leader Rachel Notley said the documents indicate that deficiencies in the building contribute to infections and poor health outcomes, including: Ventilation system that doesn’t meet minimum infection control standards, High number of multi patient rooms risking cross patient contamination, Insufficient hand washing facilities. View the backgrounder for the FOIP documents here “The Royal Alex is making patients sick,” said Notley.  “PC neglect of hospital upkeep and maintenance has again led to a situation where problems have gotten worse.  It’s going to cost a lot to clean up the latest PC mess in health care.”   The Royal Alexandra is the second hospita
Statement from NDP Leader Rachel Notley on PC Fiscal Outlook
EDMONTON – NDP Leader Rachel Notley released a statement following Premier Prentice’s Fiscal Outlook announcement: “Once again Alberta families are the ones who will pay the price for this government’s failure to responsibly manage Alberta’s resource revenue.   “The PCs claim it’s a crisis every time the price of oil drops but this is not a new predicament they find themselves in.   “Alberta has been riding this revenue rollercoaster for years and yet Prentice announced today that the PCs are planning to cut public spending and that every Albertan will be impacted.   “Those who rely on our cherished public services cannot continue to pay the price for this government’s chronic mismanagement of what otherwise could be one of the healthiest and most stable economies in the world.   “It’s time we finally moved to a more fair, stable, predictable revenue system and we need to start by get
Fix the shingles—NDP calls on the PCs to maintain the Misericordia
EDMONTON – This government has broken another promise by neglecting the hospital infrastructure that is needed to keep Alberta families safe and healthy, NDP Leader and Health critic Rachel Notley said today.   “If the PCs won’t listen to calls for a new hospital, they at least need to maintain the one we have. This government has committed less than 20% of the funding needed to keep the Misericordia safe,” said Notley.   “This government’s neglect is leading to the critical deterioration of the only hospital serving west Edmonton.”   The Misercordia hospital has requested $43 million in deferred maintenance- that’s work that needs to be done immediately to keep the hospital safe and functional for patients and front-line workers.   On top of that, documents released by the NDP today show that the Misercorida needs over $103 million for preservation projects just to maintain its current infrastructure. &nb

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