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Albert Ho Chun-yan

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photo 何俊仁

何俊仁 - for

目前,香港市民支援爱国民主运动在中国的秘书长。 | The secretary general of the HK Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China.
 NO! 何俊仁

何俊仁 - against

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Time IP adress Vote
4 years ago219.76.176.89against [-]
5 years ago202.45.54.143[+] for
6 years ago203.210.150.25[+] for
7 years ago14.155.21.42[+] for
7 years ago125.141.224.71against [-]
7 years ago220.244.184.38[+] for
7 years ago112.118.252.216[+] for
8 years ago78.121.92.155against [-]
8 years ago78.121.92.155against [-]
8 years ago78.121.91.241against [-]
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