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National Democratic Party of Egypt

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photo  الحزب الوطني‎

الحزب الوطني‎ - for

الحزب الوطني الديمقراطي (Al-Ḥizb Al-Waṭaniy Ad-Dīmūqrāṭiy) | The National Democratic Party was an Egyptian political party.
 NO! الحزب الوطني‎

الحزب الوطني‎ - against

انقر فوق ، إذا كنت لا تؤيد. ويقول لماذا. Click, if you do not support the NDP (Egypt). Say why.

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Egypt Two Years On
By Ibrahim al-Amin | Al Akhbar | January 25, 2013 History books will cite January 25 as the moment of undoing for the dictatorial rule of Mohammad Hosni Mubarak. What we don’t know is what will be said about the scale of the change brought about by the uprising. It is impossible to make confident [...]
National Democratic Party
A description of the National Democratic Party's background, major party figures, its history in power, and parliamentary representation.
NDP Announces Parliamentary Candidates
The National Democratic Party announced its official slate of parliamentary candidates on November 7.  Al-Dostor has published the complete list of candidates for the People’s Assembly, broken down by district, on its website.  Click here to view the nominees.
Egypt’s Free Economy Excludes the Poor
By Bisan Kassab | Al Akhbar | January 25, 2013 Egypt’s 25 January Revolution produced few economic benefits for the country’s poor even though they were instrumental in overthrowing the old order. The Muslim Brotherhood has other economic priorities, including pushing measures that further economic liberalization in Egypt. Given the Egyptian media’s focus, it might [...]

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