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The 45th Vice President of the United States (1993–2001), under President Bill Clinton.
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ENG: Albert Arnold "Al" Gore, Jr. (born March 31, 1948) served as the 45th Vice President of the United States (1993–2001), under President Bill Clinton. He was the Democratic Party's nominee for President and lost the 2000 U.S. presidential election despite winning the popular vote. Gore is currently an author and environmental activist. He has founded a number of non-profit organizations, including the Alliance for Climate Protection, and has received a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in climate change activism. Gore was previously an elected official for 24 years, representing Tennessee in the U.S. House of Representatives (1977–85), and later in the U.S. Senate (1985–93), and finally becoming Vice President in 1993. In the 2000 presidential election, Gore won the popular vote by ...
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Al Gore fund trims its stake in Kingspan

Former US vice-president and Oscar-winner Al Gore's private buyout fund, Generation Investment Management, (GIM) has trimmed its stake in Gene Murtagh's Cavan headquartered green insulation firm Kingspan. Last week, GIM announced that it had sold off about 1.2 million shares, or a stake worth almost €8m. Mr Gore's investment fund first started purchasing Kingspan shares in late 2008. It built up a 10 per cent stake by May 2009 before raising its interest to nearly 13 per cent. GIM is Kingspan's second-largest shareholder after founder Eugene Murtagh, who owns 30 million ...

Al Gore: Scott Walker is ‘extreme,’ 'divisive'

You may have heard many cable-news pundits on Tuesday night mulling over the results from Wisconsin’s recall election, but did anyone manage to work in a Billy Joel reference? That’s what Al Gore is for. The former veep made a rare foray into the world of punditry by appearing on his Current TV network and its flagship show, “Viewpoint,” hosted by Eliot Spitzer. Asked if the recall — and the hoopla surrounding it — was a sign of today’s polarizing climate, Gore said, “Well, I hope that we can get away from divisiveness, but as Billy Joel ...

Al Gore’s New Girlfriend

It’s been nearly two years since Al and Tipper Gore announced their separation after 40 years of marriage, and now Mr. Gore has a girlfriend. The Nobel Laureate and former vice president is seriously dating Elizabeth Keadle, a close friend confirms to ABC News. She’s described by The Washington Post as a “well-heeled Democratic donor from Southern California in her 50s with a background in science and a devotion to environmental causes.” It’s not clear when the couple first starting dating, but the two have similar interests and seem to have been running in ...

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New national standards ask schools to teach climate change
As a scientist, I know how important it is for our kids to get a top-notch science education. So it's extremely significant that a new set of national science standards – the first to be released in over a decade – explicitly ask our schools to address climate change. The Next Generation Science Standards lay out core ideas K-12 students should understand about the basics of science – from biology, to physics and chemistry, to earth science. The last national standards were released back in 1996, and manmade climate change wasn't mentioned. However, the new standards recognize that students need to know human activities are changing our climate. They also recognize that schools are training the next generation of engineers and scientists who can help solve the problem. In the standards for middle school, for example, one of the core ideas is that "human activities, such as the release of greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, are major factors in the current ri
Summer gas prices: Here's the reality
If you follow Climate Reality on Facebook, attend our presentations, or watch our videos, you know we're doing all we can to reveal the truth about climate change -- and the fossil fuel industry-funded campaigns to spread mistruths and denial about the crisis we face. Here's something else that could use a heavy dose of reality: The facts behind the price of gasoline. The latest forecasts say that gas prices may be decreasing slightly as we head into the summer driving season. But that's small comfort to families struggling to keep to a budget when gas prices still average nearly $4 a gallon. The average U.S. family could spend $3,400 on gasoline this year -- an increase of $250 from a year ago. But in reality, the full price of gasoline goes beyond what we pay at the pump. Let's start with the bill that came due on April 15. Every year, oil companies receive $2.4 billion in tax breaks from the government -- money that comes out of taxpayers' pockets to an industry that's immen
The not so fairways: Wild weather silences golf tournament
When the golfers on the PGA Tour convened to play the third round of the AT&T National golf tournament at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland last Saturday, they heard a sound they were unaccustomed to hearing in the Tiger Woods era: silence. The course, it turned out, was deemed too unsafe for spectators because of the violent storm that ripped through the Mid-Atlantic Friday night. Because of falling tree limbs and damaged power lines, the PGA Tour closed the event to everyone except the golfers and members of the media for the entire round. The golfers joked about how they drained long putts and looked up to acknowledge a crowd that … wasn’t there. When the PGA Tour did reopen the tournament to spectators on Sunday, I was there in the 98-degree heat to see the startling effects of the 80-mph winds that tore through the course: decades-old trees had crashed onto fairways, fences had broken in half, and cars had been smashed by wayward limbs. It was litt
Oyster-lovers beware ... this delicacy could become a rarity
 As an ardent foodie, I was concerned to see the results of a new study last week. The study warns that oyster production may decline due to rising carbon dioxide levels. Researchers found that higher levels of carbon dioxide in ocean water made the water more acidic and reduced the ability of oyster larvae to develop shells. This impaired the ability of oysters to grow at a normal pace, and led to a decline in yield. This study was based on experiments at one oyster hatchery in Oregon, the Whiskey Creek Shellfish Hatchery in Oregon's Netarts Bay, but its findings may have implications for oyster lovers elsewhere. As the level of carbon pollution in the atmosphere increases, the oceans absorb more carbon dioxide. This makes the water more acidic. Acidity of the water affects the formation of calcium carbonate, the material from which oyster shells are made. But this problem could affect a whole range of marine life, not just oysters. I've been a vegetarian for many years now,

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