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Afghanistan war

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Afghanistan war is ready for your opinion, support and vote. Vote online NOW!
photo Afghanistan war - support

Afghanistan war - support

The war began on October 7 2001 as the U.S. military operation was launched in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks
Afghanistan war - against

Afghanistan war - against

Click, if you do not support Afghanistan war. Say why.

Online election results for "Afghanistan war - support" in graph.


Voting results for Afghanistan war - support:

Totalunique voting viewmultiple voting view
Popularity in total:21.0%18.0%
Popularity in [global]:0.0%0.0%
Popularity out of [global]:21.0%18.0%
Number of votes for:381391
Number of votes against:14361777

Representation of voters per country:


Popularity in view per user's profile:

genderNumber of votesVotes ratioPopularity
male 8157.0% 8.6%
female 6143.0% 3.3%

Historical development:

Number of votes for391391391391
Number of votes against1775177517761777
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