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Afghanistan war

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photo Afghanistan war - support

Afghanistan war - support

The war began on October 7 2001 as the U.S. military operation was launched in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks
Afghanistan war - against

Afghanistan war - against

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The Long Road to Impeach Trump Just Got Shorter
By Norman Solomon The momentum to impeach President Trump is accelerating. On Thursday, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) filed a “resolution of inquiry” that amounts to the first legislative step toward impeachment. A new poll shows that registered voters are evenly split, at 46-to-46 percent, on whether they “support” or “oppose” impeaching Trump. Just two weeks ago, the pro-impeachment figure was 35 percent. Since inauguration, more than 800,000 people have signed a petition in the first stage of the Impeach Donald Trump Campaign, which will soon involve grassroots organizing in congressional districts around the country. Under the Trump presidency, defending a wide range of past gains is both necessary and insufficient. Fighting for impeachment is a way to go on the offensive, directly challenging the huge corruption that Trump has brought to the White House. From the outset, President Trump has been violating two provisions of the U.S. Con

Looming climate catastrophe?: Rapidly Warming Arctic Could Unleash a Methane Climate Bomb Meaning Extinction in Nine Years
By Dave Lindorff   Reports from the Arctic are getting pretty grim. read more

Chasing a Northern Confederate Out of the South
The Washington Post proclaims: "Protesters mob provocative Va. governor candidate as he defends Confederate statue." Six seconds of video of the incident involved is likely to show up eventually here or here. I was there on Saturday shouting down the "provocative" celebrator of racism and war, together with my kids and some friends. The only hostility I saw came from supporters of keeping the giant statue of Robert E. Lee in the park here in Charlottesville. This was an email I had sent around the night before: "Republican Candidate for Governor Corey Stewart is coming to Charlottesville Saturday to do a Facebook Live event at 10:00 AM in Lee Park to denounce the Charlottesville City Council for voting to remove a symbol of racism and war. Here's a report on his efforts to deport immigrants. Here's an announcement of Saturday's event. Please show up at 9:45 and bring posters. Here are some ideas:Black Lives MatterCelebrate Racism and War Somewhere ElseLove Beyond FlagsLove Trumps HateW

Focus: Russia - Feb 9, 2017
Putin calls snap Russia air-raid drill involving 45,000 troops and 150 aircraft this week, 'for a time of war and...to repel aggression' - Independent S-400 air defense units of Russia's Aerospace Force go on combat alert in snap check - TASS Moscow air defense spots notional enemy’s strategic bombers in snap check - TASS NATO buildup in E. Europe and Germany threat to Russian security, increases risk of incidents: Moscow - RT News Russia says Romania's stance on EU sanctions and decision to host elements of a Nato missile defence system made it a 'clear threat' - Telegraph U.S. forces arrive in Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania - UPI.com Baltic states seek more NATO help ahead of a large Russian military exercise planned for September - Reuters NATO war with Russia: US troops, helicopters deployed to Germany - ibtimes.com Navy kicks off NATO drills on the Black Sea, Putin's doorstep - navytimes.com NATO activities in Black Sea region fight against non-existent threats: Moscow - Sp

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