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Afghanistan war

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photo Afghanistan war - support

Afghanistan war - support

The war began on October 7 2001 as the U.S. military operation was launched in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks
Afghanistan war - against

Afghanistan war - against

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Locals Protest, Sabotage U.S. Navy Base Construction in Desert in Sicily
There's a popular movement in Sicily called No MUOS. MUOS means Mobile User Objective System. It's a satellite communications system created by the U.S. Navy. The primary contractor and profiteer building the satellite equipment at the U.S. Navy base in the desert in Sicily is Lockheed Martin Space Systems. This is one of four ground stations, each intended to include three swivelling very-high-frequency satellite dishes with a diameter of 18.4 meters and two Ultra High Frequency (UHF) helical antennas. Protests have been growing in the nearby town of Niscemi since 2012. In October 2012, construction was suspended for a few weeks. In early 2013 the President of the Region of Sicily revoked the authorization for the MUOS construction. The Italian government conducted a dubious study of health impacts and concluded the project was safe. Work recommenced. The town of Niscemi appealed, and in April 2014 the Regional Administrative Tribunal requested a new study. Construction goes on, as do

Real-time photo evidence of a cop planting evidence on his victim: Killer Cops like Officer Slager Must be Called to Account
By Dave Lindorff     read more

Ukraine News - Apr 10, 2015
Ukraine outlaws Communist names in fresh break with Soviet past, It also bans Nazi symbols and propaganda - Yahoo News Decommunisation: Dismantlement of monuments, all cities and streets with Soviet names to be renamed - EN.Censor.net Poroshenko: Hitler and Stalin to blame for World War II - UNIAN news VIDEO (English Subs): Poroshenko blames Hitler and Stalin for outbreak of WWII - YouTube Ukraine’s Parliament Votes To Open Soviet-Era KGB Archives To Public - ibtimes.com Ukraine recognizes ultranationalists as freedom and independence fighters, Organizations include the UPA and OUN - Sputnik Historian on the legal status of Ukrainian independence fighters: Was this crude distortion of the past really necessary? Can one legislate historical events in such a fashion? - ukraineanalysis Martial law bill passed in first reading by Verkhovna Rada - Russia Beyond The Headlines New Martial Law Lets Poroshenko Seize Assets at Will - offguardian Ukraine sets sights on joining NATO - R

The Video That Could Indict the Pentagon for Murder
As Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting points out, until a video surfaced of South Carolina policeman Michael Slager murdering Walter Scott, the media was reporting a package of lies manufactured by the police: a fight that never occurred, witnesses who didn't exist, the victim taking the policeman's taser, etc. The lies collapsed because the video appeared. I find myself asking why videos of missiles blowing children into little bits and pieces can't dissolve the stories churned out by the Pentagon. With several qualifications, I think part of the answer is that there are not enough videos. The struggle for the right to videotape the police at home in the United States should be accompanied by a campaign to provide video cameras to populations targeted for wars. Of course the struggle to videotape people dying under a bombing campaign is at least as great a challenge as videotaping a murderous policeman, but enough cameras would produce some footage. There are other parts to the answer

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