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The U.S. Representative for Nebraska's 3rd congressional district, serving since 2007.
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ENG: Adrian M. Smith (born December 19, 1970) is the U.S. Representative for Nebraska's 3rd congressional district, serving since 2007. He is a member of the Republican Party. He previously served in the Nebraska Legislature. Early life, education and career Smith was born in Scottsbluff, Nebraska and at a young age his family moved to a rural neighborhood south of Gering, Nebraska. After graduating from Gering High School in 1989, Smith attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. He transferred to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln midway through his second year of college, graduating in 1993. While a student at Nebraska, he interned in the Nebraska Governor’s Office and, later, served as a legislative page in the Nebraska Unicameral. He returned home to Gering after ...
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Smith OK with added revenue through tax reform

Rep. Adrian Smith said Wednesday he'd be comfortable supporting a tax reform package thatmight resultin additional federal revenue. But the purpose of reform should be tax rate reduction accomplished by "flattening the income tax more, taking out some credits and preferences and reducing the corporate tax rate," he said. "In doing so, that may grow revenues," Smith said,because those reformscould be "a means of growing the economy and helping create jobs." Smith, the 3rd District Republican congressman, is at the center of the legislative tax reform discussion as a member of the House Ways ...

Rep. Adrian Smith slams Obama's unemployment record

Representative Adrian Smith slams President Obama's unemployment record as the House votes to drastically reduce certain government regulations. The bill passed by the House today would cut safety restrictions on environmental policy, children's toys, workplaces and other areas. Smith says too much government interference hurts job creation in America. He claims that unemployment has remained above eight percent since Obama took office. ... Source: kotanow.com

Congressman Adrian Smith pushes for more ag trade

At the Nebraska State Fair, one of the major highlights is agriculture.But the effect of this industry goes far beyond state lines. Nebraska products are shipped to other states and even around the world.But, one Nebraska congressman says we haven't tapped our full potential. Adrian Smith was in town Thursday, promoting three major U.S. trade agreements. News Five's Rachel Lake caught up with him at Anderson Ford in Grand Island and filed this report."Consumers are the ones in charge and we need to make sure they don't get the short end of the stick," said Smith. Congressman Adrian Smith is ...

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A Call to Support Ukraine
On September 18th I had the honor of attending a historic address to a joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the Senate by President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine.  It was a remarkable speech in which President Poroshenko discussed our shared values, the challenges facing his country, and the need for more American support for the democratically-elected government of Ukraine against Russian-backed separatists. The opportunity for a foreign leader to address both chambers of Congress is a rare gesture of unity and solidarity between our two countries.  Unfortunately, our support of Ukraine has also been largely symbolic.  President Poroshenko’s speech was a call to action and now is the time to do more to support Ukraine. In February of this year, Russian and Russian-backed forces invaded the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, and set up an illegal referendum for the region to succeed from Ukraine.  Because the region was occupied by a foreign force, this referendum has no l
The Largest Agriculture District in America
The economy, culture, and values of rural America are largely shaped by agriculture.  This is especially true of Nebraska’s Third Congressional District.  We are incredibly grateful for the contributions and innovations of our ag producers which not only fuel our economy, but feed the world.  A new report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) now confirms the Third District is the largest agriculture district in America based on total value of products sold.  We are the second largest district in value of livestock and poultry, and the third in value of crops. Because of the incredible success of our agriculture producers, it is more important now than ever for federal policy to support their efforts rather than undermine them.  Implementation of the 2014 Farm Bill is an important step in this process, which will provide farmers with a choice of a price or revenue-based assistance if there is a loss.  The new Farm Bill eliminates direct payments, counter-cyclical payment
Addressing the Regulatory Barriers to Success
There are many barriers to our increased financial and economic success including time, capital, and taxes.  One of the hidden obstacles to economic growth is the built-in cost of federal regulations on the products we buy and costs of living.  However, a new study by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is shedding light on the costs of regulation to our economy. The NAM study found federal regulations cost our economy more than $2 trillion per year.  While many regulations serve as important safeguards to ensure opportunity, safety, and health, I hear from many Nebraskans about the negative impacts of unnecessary regulations on their lives and livelihoods. I launched my Regulation Rewind project earlier this year to track how I am working to address the government-imposed rules directly affecting Nebraskans. For example, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has held up approval of a renewal license for the Crow Butte Mine in Dawes County for more than seven years, a
Obamacare Update - One Year Later
As we approach the one year anniversary of the launch of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, it is appropriate to review how continued implementation of the law is affecting the American people and our health care system.  Many problems persist a year after the law debuted with disastrous technical glitches, dropped coverage for millions of Americans, loss of doctors, hundreds of new regulations, increased premiums, and other broken promises. Many Nebraskans have told me their health care costs increased dramatically after implementation of the law last year.  Forced minimum coverage requirements mean Americans have fewer options to find plans which meet their unique health needs and budgets.  These mandates were so restrictive, nine insurance companies decided to not offer health insurance on the individual market in our state at all. Last year, a Manhattan Institute study found Nebraskans would pay up to 74 percent more on the individual market for health insurance after the im

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