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Was the sixth, and youngest Mayor of the District of Columbia.
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ENG - Adrian Malik Fenty (born December 6, 1970) was the sixth, and youngest Mayor of the District of Columbia. He is a national leader in urban education reform, having championed progressive strategies to fix the District's struggling public school system. He lost his re-election bid in the 2010 Democratic primary to Vincent C. Gray, who went on to win the general election for Mayor. Career as Mayor of Washington, D.C. Campaign in 2006 Fenty formally announced his campaign for D.C. Mayor on June 1, 2005. In the fall of 2005, then-mayor Anthony A. Williams made the widely anticipated announcement that he would not seek re-election, and then-Council Chair Linda Cropp announced she would be a candidate for Mayor. Other candidates in the field included businesswoman Marie Johns, ...
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Obama Could Take Lessons from Fenty's Woes

While President Barack Obama reflects on this week’s dismantling of Democrats in critical elections across the country, he may also want to ponder the trouncing of Adrian Fenty. Fenty, the former mayor of Washington, D.C., lost the black vote – and the mayoral race - in September because black voters felt Fenty was aloof, disconnected from the African-American community and not committed to a social justice platform. The irony is that Obama and Fenty are friends - and share some similarities: Both men come from bi-racial lineage; both were hailed by black Americans ...

Fenty write-in supporters make a statement

The die-hard supporters who urged voters to write in Adrian Fenty for a second term as mayor appear to have made their point loud and clear: This ain't "one city" yet. Unofficial election night returns show that 22.8 percent of mayoral votes went to write-in candidates. It is unknown, and will remain unknown, how many of those actually went to Fenty. But Mayor-Elect Vincent Gray now knows that however many speeches he makes seeking conciliation in this racially and economically divided city, he will have to give the city's most affluent quarters more than rhetoric to win their ...

Gray to meet with Fenty on budget cuts

D.C. Mayor-elect Vince Gray said he will meet with Mayor Adrian Fenty’s office Tuesday afternoon to go over the latest draft of budget changes needed to slash $175 million from the District’s budget. Gray said the budget changes being considered “look grim” for city agencies and services. He reiterated that he won’t consider tax increases until residents have had the opportunity to see how deep cuts will be without them. On the campaign trail, Gray repeatedly told residents they should expect deep cuts to city services. But by not tossing aside the ...

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