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The MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway in British Columbia since 2005 and the leader of the British Columbia New Democratic Party since 2011.
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ENG: Adrian Dix is a Canadian politician, serving as the MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway in British Columbia and as leader of the British Columbia New Democratic Party. He was first elected to the Legislative Assembly in the 2005 provincial election. Career Fluently bilingual, Dix lived in France as a young man and then worked in Ottawa for NDP MP Ian Waddell. He then worked as the executive director of Canadian Parents for French in B.C./Yukon. Then from 1996 to 1999, he served as Chief of Staff to Premier Glen Clark. He was forced to resign from that position after it was revealed that he had produced a memo and then back-dated it while marking it with an official Executive Office of the Premier stamp in an effort to make it appear that Clark had instructed him to keep him at ...
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A chat with Adrian Dix ‎

It has been a fairly rapid rise to power for an MLA first elected in 2005. Adrian Dix won the NDP leadership in April of this year and now heads up a Party that is riding a wave of confidence at the moment. While Dix says he doesn't like to take polls - which have the NDP ahead of the Liberals currently - too seriously, especially 18 months out from an election, he does believe they are an indication of voters' dissatisfaction with the status quo. "The polls are the reason there isn't an election this fall," Dix said, during a sit down interview with the Bulletin while in Kimberley this ...

Dix Wants to Restore Student Grants ‎

Prince George, B.C. - Leader of the B.C. New Democrats, Adrian Dix, says he wants to restore the non-refundable student grants to the level they were at 10 years ago. Speaking to a gathering os students at the College of New Caledonia today, Dix said he would like to see $100 million dollars set aside for such grants, because there has to be somethingdone to make it easier for people to get post secondary education. "You know, everyone says 80% of the jobs in the future will require a post secondary education, buit if nothing is done to make that education affordable, Isee a future where ...

BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix. ‎

These are good times for B.C. NDP chief Adrian Dix. The party he has led since last April is ahead in the polls, media reviews of his first full legislative session as leader were positive, and last week Mr. Dix hooked a whopper of a political fish, the just-retired, popular, ex-mayor of Port Moody, Joe Trasolini. Not only is Mr. Trasolini a good bet to win the coming by-election in Port Moody-Coquitlam, no one’s ever mistaken him for a left-winger. The fact he chose to run for the NDP, despite a previous history of support for and support from former riding MLA Christy Clark, who ...

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Christy Clark’s “real world”
VICTORIA – Christy Clark thinks that anyone who disagrees with her plan to sink young people deeper into debt to buy unaffordable homes "probably don't live in the real world." Here is what Christy Clark's real world is like: A $50,000 salary "top up” from the B.C. Liberal party, on top of her $190,000 public salary as premier Owning a $1.7 million home, renting a second house in Kelowna, and renting a third house in Vancouver at $5,000+ per month Spending $923,000 on her own personal photographers Spending over $500,000 on private chartered planes Spending $15 million on a self-promotional ad campaign paid for by B.C. taxpayersMeanwhile, thanks to Christy Clark, ordinary British Columbians’ real world is getting less and less affordable. Since she became premier: 24 per cent increase in MSP, with another 10 per cent increase coming January 1 for couples without children at home 36 per cent increase in ICBC premiums, with up to 42 per cent more by 2020 30 per cent
Christy Clark wants families to go into more debt instead of fixing the housing crisis
VICTORIA – Instead of taking real action to bring down the cost of homes for young families struggling with record debt levels, the Christy Clark government is encouraging people to take second mortgages for down payments, says B.C. New Democrat housing spokesperson David Eby. "People can't afford housing because Christy Clark sat on her hands for two years while prices spiraled out of control," said Eby. "Now, instead of taking action to fix the problem by increasing the supply of affordable housing, Christy Clark thinks that first time homebuyers should get two mortgages instead of one.” Christy Clark’s plan for first time home buyers doesn’t do anything to help affordability. Instead, it puts young people who are already facing record levels of debt further into debt, while rewarding developers and speculators, many of whom are big donors to the B.C. Liberal party. “Christy Clark's early Christmas present to Bob Rennie won't make homes more affordable, it will cause prices
Christy Clark’s too little, too late approach to drug crisis is costing British Columbians
VANCOUVER – November’s shocking report on deaths from drug overdoses is a stark demonstration of the effect of Christy Clark’s too little, too late approach to the drug overdose crisis that has been rapidly rising in B.C. for the past three years, say New Democrats. “Health officials issued a warning in 2013 about how fentanyl related deaths were set to quadruple over the previous year. It’s shocking that it’s taken the province over three years to step up and take action to help first responders and those dealing directly with overdoses,” said Sue Hammell, New Democrat spokesperson for mental health and addictions. “Christy Clark still doesn’t realize that without the organized and readily available treatment options that users and addicts need, this crisis will continue to be fueled by people who can’t stop using drugs and recreational users. It’s her job to make treatment available for all British Columbians, and today’s death toll numbers prove that she is f
Christy Clark’s affordability crisis cuts into charitable giving
VICTORIA – British Columbians’ ability to give to charities has dropped dramatically since Christy Clark became premier five years ago, says Carole James, New Democrat spokesperson for finance. “Christy Clark let the housing market get out of control. She’s raised the MSP tax, hydro rates and ICBC premiums every year. And she gave a $1 billion tax cut to the richest two per cent of income earners,” said James. “Now people are saying that the main reason they are giving less – or nothing at all – to their favourite charities is because they can’t afford to.” James was referring to Vancity’s report which said that five years ago 74 per cent of all British Columbians gave to charity. Today, that number has dropped to 59 per cent, and the average donation has fallen nine per cent. Survey respondents named housing affordability, stagnant incomes and the rising cost of living as their top financial concerns. “During the two years that Christy Clark refused to believe

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