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The MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway in British Columbia since 2005 and the leader of the British Columbia New Democratic Party since 2011.
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ENG: Adrian Dix is a Canadian politician, serving as the MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway in British Columbia and as leader of the British Columbia New Democratic Party. He was first elected to the Legislative Assembly in the 2005 provincial election. Career Fluently bilingual, Dix lived in France as a young man and then worked in Ottawa for NDP MP Ian Waddell. He then worked as the executive director of Canadian Parents for French in B.C./Yukon. Then from 1996 to 1999, he served as Chief of Staff to Premier Glen Clark. He was forced to resign from that position after it was revealed that he had produced a memo and then back-dated it while marking it with an official Executive Office of the Premier stamp in an effort to make it appear that Clark had instructed him to keep him at ...
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A chat with Adrian Dix ‎

It has been a fairly rapid rise to power for an MLA first elected in 2005. Adrian Dix won the NDP leadership in April of this year and now heads up a Party that is riding a wave of confidence at the moment. While Dix says he doesn't like to take polls - which have the NDP ahead of the Liberals currently - too seriously, especially 18 months out from an election, he does believe they are an indication of voters' dissatisfaction with the status quo. "The polls are the reason there isn't an election this fall," Dix said, during a sit down interview with the Bulletin while in Kimberley this ...

Dix Wants to Restore Student Grants ‎

Prince George, B.C. - Leader of the B.C. New Democrats, Adrian Dix, says he wants to restore the non-refundable student grants to the level they were at 10 years ago. Speaking to a gathering os students at the College of New Caledonia today, Dix said he would like to see $100 million dollars set aside for such grants, because there has to be somethingdone to make it easier for people to get post secondary education. "You know, everyone says 80% of the jobs in the future will require a post secondary education, buit if nothing is done to make that education affordable, Isee a future where ...

BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix. ‎

These are good times for B.C. NDP chief Adrian Dix. The party he has led since last April is ahead in the polls, media reviews of his first full legislative session as leader were positive, and last week Mr. Dix hooked a whopper of a political fish, the just-retired, popular, ex-mayor of Port Moody, Joe Trasolini. Not only is Mr. Trasolini a good bet to win the coming by-election in Port Moody-Coquitlam, no one’s ever mistaken him for a left-winger. The fact he chose to run for the NDP, despite a previous history of support for and support from former riding MLA Christy Clark, who ...

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BC Liberals in 2014 – A lot of talk, little to show
Taking a look back at 2014, one thing is clear: it’s hard to take Premier Clark and the B.C. Liberal government at their word. In the last 12 months, the B.C. Liberals showed that they may know what to say, but then they do whatever they want – if anything at all. Health Firings After the family of Roderick MacIsaac, who committed suicide after being mistreated and fired as part of the health researcher firings scandal, told his story to reporters at the legislature, Premier Clark finally promised to get to the bottom of the shameful public firing of eight health workers. The premier claimed that “in her heart” she knew her government’s actions were “heavy-handed.” But her government’s own review, released just before Christmas, says the review process was doomed to fail, and couldn’t even answer the two fundamental questions – who did it, and why? Affordability The spring brought cuts to ferry services and hikes to fares, even after evidence that fare hikes alread
B.C. Liberals continuing to fail kids in care, report shows
A new report confirms that the B.C. Liberals are continuing to fail children in care, say the New Democrats. “New numbers showing that a majority of former foster kids end up on social assistance sadly confirms what we’ve known for a long time: the Liberal government is failing B.C.’s kids in care,” said New Democrat spokesperson on children and family development Doug Donaldson. Donaldson noted that with the report, the Ministry of Children and Family Development finally got around to providing some hard data on welfare and education levels of young people aging out of care, and the numbers are devastating. “The government is legally the guardian, in effect the parent, when it comes to children-in-care. With all the resources at their fingertips, their own data shows they can do no better than a 27 per cent high school graduation rate. This is a glaring example of what the ministry would typify as poor parenting, yet the ministry is the guardian and the minister decides the
New Democrats offer leadership on agriculture
New Democrats are taking the unprecedented step of convening an Opposition Standing Committee on Agriculture and Food after well over a decade of B.C. Liberal neglect of the B.C. agriculture industry. “New Democrats believe that agriculture deserves a place in the legislature and we fully intend to give it the attention it deserves.” said New Democrat Leader John Horgan. "Agriculture is a multi-billion dollar economic generator that has enormous untapped potential. This is an industry that can unlock prosperity in communities throughout the province. That's why I've asked our New Democrat agriculture spokesperson Lana Popham to work with her colleagues to bring this conversation to people across the province." New Democrat agriculture spokesperson Lana Popham noted that a Standing Committee could help reverse the age gap in B.C.'s agriculture industry by developing strong agricultural policies that incent young people into agriculture, and allow them to make a good living. "Retaini
6 things Christy Clark did in 2014 to make life harder in BC
In 2014 the B.C. Liberals showed that they may know what to say, but then just do what they want. Here are 6 things Christy Clark did to make life harder for British Columbians: 1. Made life less affordable for families Medical Service Premiums and ICBC rates were jacked up again, and hydro ratepayers were walloped with the start of a $477 hike to their bill over the next three years, despite Clark telling voters in the last election that there might not be a hydro hike at all. The spring brought cuts to ferry services and hikes to fares, even after evidence that fare hikes had already lost our province $2.3 billion in economic activity. 2. Undermined transportation improvements The B.C. Liberals continued to stall on transit investment in the Lower Mainland. The B.C. Liberals forced the mayors to put this needed investment to a referendum, and now the premier won’t even do her part to ensure her government’s referendum passes – risking more gridlock, pass-ups, packed buses, m

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