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ACT New Zealand is a free market political party in New Zealand.

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ENG: ACT New Zealand is a free market political party in New Zealand. Until the New Zealand general election, 2011 it was led by former National Party leader and Reserve Bank Governor Don Brash. The party's current leader is John Banks. ACT now has one member of the Parliament of New Zealand, which is John Banks, a former two-term Auckland mayor and Police and Tourism ministers in the New Zealand National Party Bolger administrations of the nineties. According to former party leader Rodney Hide, the party stands for "individual freedom, personal responsibility, doing the best for our natural environment and for smaller, smarter government in its goals of a prosperous economy, a strong society, and a quality of life that is the envy of the world". The name comes from the ...
for33against   I clearly support it. ACT New Zealand is quite good party. For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why it is good, I wrote it here), positive
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ACT sets out conditions for support of surveillance bill‎

The ACT Party will support the Government's new legislation on covert surveillance, conditional on an urgent select-committee hearing. The party's parliamentary leader, John Boscawen, says all five ACT MPs will vote for the bill's first reading and any support after that will be based on the legislation getting select-committee approval. The Government is putting forward the bill in response to a Supreme Court ruling last week that the use of hidden cameras in the operation that culminated in the 2007 Urewera police raids was illegal. Police have since suspended covert video surveillance, ...

Act behind employment law changes

The Government's decision to extend 90-day new-employee trials to all businesses was a suggestion of Act New Zealand and against the recommendation of its own Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson. ... But Cabinet papers - released to The New Zealand Herald under the Official Information Act - show Ms Wilkinson pushed only for the 90-day trial to be extended to companies of up to 50 workers, and did not propose extending it to larger ones as they had "robust systems to undertake good recruitment and employment practices". Act NZ leader Rodney Hide said last night it was his party's idea to extend ...

Roy buries feelings for party's sake

Act MP Heather Roy has strong feelings about being dumped as deputy leader, but is burying them for the good of the party.Mrs Roy was rolled two weeks ago when the caucus voted in John Boscawen as the new deputy leader. She also lost her ministerial portfolios of consumer affairs, associate education and associate defence. ... On Friday on her "Royters" blog, Mrs Roy said she was prepared to put a personally painful experience behind her for the sake of the party. "I might (okay, I do!) have strong feelings about what happened, but in the real world what I personally feel about the ...

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President's speech to the 2015 ACT Conference
Delivered by ACT President John Thompson on February 21, 2015. It is my pleasure to be able to wrap up this year’s Annual Conference. I have to thank a lot of people who have made this possible and top of the list would have to be Alan for allowing us to hold the conference here. Thank you Alan for giving us the ability to use this marvellous Farm to hold this conference, also for your continued support of the ACT Party. I also have to thank our Vice President and Party Manager for all the work that has gone into this, hopefully the outcome is something that has been worth all the stressful moments in the Lead up to the Conference. I would like to thank the Past Board who have assisted me during my first year of being President, some of you have now left the Board after the AGM of yesterday, to those who are leaving thank you for your services, those of you that are here for another term, thank you for your continued support and to the newcomers to the Board, thank you for putting yo
David Seymour challenges political leaders to support NZ Super referendum
ACT Leader David Seymour closed his speech to the party’s annual conference by challenging political leaders to support a referendum process to determine the future of New Zealand’s superannuation system. “If the public can vote on the New Zealand flag, a matter that is largely symbolic, why not follow the same process for another intractable problem, one that politicians have been dodging for decades. “It is vital that we ensure NZ Superannuation is viable over the longer term, avoiding undue fiscal stress and pressure on tax rates, and achieving fairness across generations. “National won’t address the issue. Labour tried and are now backing away. This is a political Mexican stand-off, with the guns pointed at the younger generations. “Almost everybody realises that change must be made eventually. We are living longer, and the baby boom generation is starting to hit retirement age. On current settings the cost of NZ Super will rise from over 4% of GDP now to close to 8%
Speech - Our classical liberal tribe
Delivered by ACT Leader David Seymour on February 21, 2015. Video is available here. It’s a pleasure and honour to speak with you as Act Leader in our Party’s 20th year of parliamentary representation. I’d like to pay tribute to those ACT people who have gone before.  An extraordinary group have kept the liberal flame alive.  ·         For 20 years the world’s most liberal elected party. ·         The eighteen MPs elected by this party over six elections. ·         Our past leaders, many of whom are here today.  I’d like to point out that the last three became leader at ages, 71, 65, 49 and I’m 31.  It’s an accelerating trend.  The next leader may not have been born yet.  I am in for the long haul. ·         The many staffers who have worked in the party office and in parliament, especially the wonderful folks who keep me out of trouble today. ·         ACT’s donors who recognise freedom ain’t free, and that politic
Free Press 23/2/2015
Conference Success ACT’s conference was attended by 230 people. Usually drawing a crowd is hardest after an election.  This crowd was larger than last year’s. ACT Leader David Seymour’s speech has been widely reported as a new beginning for a new party.  The tone of the conference and reporting of it heralds a new zeitgeist for ACT.  Read David’s speech here: http://www.act.org.nz/posts/speech-our-classical-liberal-tribe Become a Member Many conference attendees joined ACT to get the attendance discount, but there is a much better reason to join ACT.  Membership lists are secret but your number adds moral weight to our party.  If you like what we’re doing, please add your weight today.  www.act.org.nz/join Let’s End the Mexican Stand Off Treasury predicts that government debt will reach 200 per cent of GDP by 2060 on historical patterns (Greece is currently at 176 per cent).  Much of this will be due to pension costs, and yet the political class is ducking the i

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