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ACT New Zealand is a free market political party in New Zealand.

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ENG: ACT New Zealand is a free market political party in New Zealand. Until the New Zealand general election, 2011 it was led by former National Party leader and Reserve Bank Governor Don Brash. The party's current leader is John Banks. ACT now has one member of the Parliament of New Zealand, which is John Banks, a former two-term Auckland mayor and Police and Tourism ministers in the New Zealand National Party Bolger administrations of the nineties. According to former party leader Rodney Hide, the party stands for "individual freedom, personal responsibility, doing the best for our natural environment and for smaller, smarter government in its goals of a prosperous economy, a strong society, and a quality of life that is the envy of the world". The name comes from the ...
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ACT sets out conditions for support of surveillance bill‎

The ACT Party will support the Government's new legislation on covert surveillance, conditional on an urgent select-committee hearing. The party's parliamentary leader, John Boscawen, says all five ACT MPs will vote for the bill's first reading and any support after that will be based on the legislation getting select-committee approval. The Government is putting forward the bill in response to a Supreme Court ruling last week that the use of hidden cameras in the operation that culminated in the 2007 Urewera police raids was illegal. Police have since suspended covert video surveillance, ...

Act behind employment law changes

The Government's decision to extend 90-day new-employee trials to all businesses was a suggestion of Act New Zealand and against the recommendation of its own Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson. ... But Cabinet papers - released to The New Zealand Herald under the Official Information Act - show Ms Wilkinson pushed only for the 90-day trial to be extended to companies of up to 50 workers, and did not propose extending it to larger ones as they had "robust systems to undertake good recruitment and employment practices". Act NZ leader Rodney Hide said last night it was his party's idea to extend ...

Roy buries feelings for party's sake

Act MP Heather Roy has strong feelings about being dumped as deputy leader, but is burying them for the good of the party.Mrs Roy was rolled two weeks ago when the caucus voted in John Boscawen as the new deputy leader. She also lost her ministerial portfolios of consumer affairs, associate education and associate defence. ... On Friday on her "Royters" blog, Mrs Roy said she was prepared to put a personally painful experience behind her for the sake of the party. "I might (okay, I do!) have strong feelings about what happened, but in the real world what I personally feel about the ...

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ACT responds to Prime Minister’s statement
ACT Leader David Seymour has responded to the Prime Minister’s statement tabled in the House today, laying out ACT’s approach to the 2017 election. “MMP is about coalitions. This election, voters will decide what coalition of parties lead the nation. “One option is a Labour-Greens-New Zealand First government. But we’ve seen the lack of policy ideas in the Labour-Greens State of the Nation speech, and we know Winston Peters would draw out the worst anti-trade and xenophobic instincts in his coalition partners, while sending interest rates spiralling out of control. “Another possibility is a National-New Zealand First government. But Winston Peters has been in Cabinet three times and been fired by every one of his Prime Ministers. Who would want him holding National to ransom? “The final realistic option is a National-ACT government. For eight years, ACT has ensured stable National-led governance. We’ve kept the likes of Winston Peters and the Greens out of government, a
Major flaw in debt-to-income limits flagged
The Finance Minister has admitted that the Government doesn’t know how proposed Debt-to-Income (DTI) limits would measure debt held overseas. “Capping the funds so you can borrow to a ratio of your income would give a systematic advantage to those who can borrow offshore either personally or through family, because the New Zealand Government cannot possibly monitor financial transactions worldwide,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. “ACT has long maintained that overseas investment is a distraction from the real problem of limited housing supply, but Steven Joyce has found a way to make it a problem by systematically disadvantaging locals in the housing market. “When I asked him about this in select committee this morning he clearly hadn’t considered this possibility before. It’s another case of the Government desperate to be seen doing something about the housing crisis, without considering whether its attempts to curb demand will work, or what other consequences might foll
Seymour offers to stand in for PM in housing debate
ACT Leader David Seymour has offered to take up Andrew Little’s challenge of a housing debate in Mount Albert. “I’m happy to do the Prime Minister a favour and take his place in a housing debate against Andrew Little,” says Mr Seymour. “Hopefully, the Prime Minister declined the challenge simply because he’s busy. But if the real issue is a lack of ideas from the Government, I’m happy to help out. “ACT agrees with National that the main cause of the crisis is a housing shortage. Where we differ is that we actually have a plan to fix it, getting homes built. “Meanwhile, Labour’s plan to punish investors and put the government in charge of home-building ignores the fundamental causes of our housing shortage. “Andrew Little is right about one thing: people deserve a serious debate on how we can restore housing affordability. “Or will Andrew Little, just like the big bad wolf, only huff and puff?” / Housing / Press Releases
National leaves ACT alone in tax cut commitment
It’s hard to imagine the Government ever cutting taxes if it won’t do so now, says ACT Leader David Seymour following the Finance Minister’s select committee appearance today. “Despite unexpectedly high surpluses, the Government still says it will only cut taxes ‘if fiscal conditions allow’. “How is it that even when the Finance Minister finds himself with an unexpected $7.7 billion in his pocket, tax cuts still aren’t a Budget priority? He waffles about how forecasts could change, but that hasn’t stopped him from setting other priorities. “ACT has already identified a number of affordable tax cuts for Budget 2017. For example, the top income tax rate of 33% currently kicks in after you earn $70,000. We say that Kiwis earning that much are not rich, and so the top rate shouldn’t kick in until you earn $100,000. We’d then cut taxes for everyone in the $48,000 to $100,000 bracket down to 25% (from 30-33%). “Those tax cuts would cost $1.5 billion a year

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