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Abdurrahim El-Keib

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أستاذ جامعي، ومهندس كهربائي، وسياسي. | A Libyan politician, professor of electrical engineering, and entrepreneur.
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انقر فوق، إذا كنت لا تؤيد هذا المرشح. | Click, if you do not support Abdurrahim El-Keib. Say why.

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ARA: عبد الرحيم خالد عبد الحافظ الكيب (1950 طرابلس، ليبيا) أستاذ جامعي، ومهندس كهربائي، وسياسي ليبي تنحدر أصوله من مدينة صبراتة ،انتخبه أعضاء المجلس الوطني الانتقالي كرئيس وزراء لأول "حكومة انتقالية" لليبيا بعد الإطاحة بمعمر القذافي. العمل السياسي بدايات العمل السياسي وحياته الخاصة ترك الكيب ليبيا عام 1976 وانضم للمعارضة الليبية. وأسهم في تمويل حركة المعارضة خلال سنواته في الغربة. وهو من عائلة كبيرة من صبراتة، وهي بلدة ساحلية تقع 70كم غرب ...
for33against   خيار سياسي جيد ذلك لأن Abdel Rahim alKib حسب إعتقادي, positive
for33against   خيار سياسي جيد بل بلعكس و ذلك لأن Abdel Rahim alKib إني لا أرى أن, negative
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El-Keib: 150 Türk müteahhidin 1,1 milyar $'ı ödenecek

Libya Başbakanı Abdurrahim El-Keib'in Türk müteahhitlerin hak edişlerinin ödenmesi için talimat verdiğini bildirdi. Ekonomi Bakanı Zafer Çağlayan, Kaddafi döneminde Libya'da iş yapan Türk müteahhitlerin hak edişlerinin ödenmesi için gösterdikleri çalışmaların sonucunu gördüklerini belirterek, Libya Başbakanı Abdurrahim El-Keib'in Türk müteahhitlerin hak edişlerinin ödenmesi için talimat verdiğini bildirdi. Read more: Ekonomik Ayrinti (23 Temmuz 2012)

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Threatened Freedom
Libyans consider themselves liberated, and are keen to express their newfound freedom. However, this freedom is gradually giving way to insecurity and disorder, in large part because of the widespread availability of unsecured weapons. After the fall of Colonel Qadhafi’s regime, a massive number of shoulder-launched missiles—approximately 10,000 by some estimates—in addition to thousands of [...]
Second Independence Trauma
On 24 December 1951, a new country was born. It had witnessed the horrors of a devastating world war. The life had been sucked out of its lands by monstrous colonisation that had lasted over three decades. This country, previously known as the United Kingdom of Libya, was granted its independence almost overnight through a [...]
Libya’s Keib predicts bright future for investors
Prime Minister Abdelrahim al-Keib predicted a bright future for foreign investment in Libya especially in the oil sector whose infrastructure needs to be overhauled. He wants to work on the infrastructure of the oil and gas industry… (an) area for projects for companies that might be interested so that we can increase production levels,” he [...]
PM heads Libya delegation to Morocco
Libya’s interim premier Abdel Rahim al-Kib will visit Morocco on Tuesday for a two-day visit due to focus on the crisis in Mali, the Maghreb and economic cooperation, an official in Rabat told AFP. “The situation in the Maghreb, in Mali, in the Sahel, as well as in the Moroccan (Western) Sahara” will be discussed [...]

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