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Survey of polls

Name of a poll Pop. Voices   
New Century Forum (NCF)
New Century Forum (NCF) 52%  646

新世紀論壇 | New Century Forum is the pro-government faction of political parties in Hong Kong.

Communist Party of China (CPC)
Communist Party of China (CPC) 48%  263

Zhōngguó Gòngchǎndǎng - 中国共产党 | The Communist Party of China (CPC/CCP) is the founding and ruling political party of the PRC.

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)
Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) 46%  189

中國國民黨 | The Kuomintang (KMT) or Guomindang (GMD), translated as the Chinese Nationalist Party.

Civil Force (Hong Kong)
Civil Force (Hong Kong) 44%  129

公民力量-,香港一個地區組織,主要活躍於新界沙田區和西貢區。 | Civil Force is a community alliance in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the PRC.

League of Social Democrats
League of Social Democrats 44%  120

社會民主連線 - Shèhuì Mínzhŭ Liánxiàn | The League of Social Democrats (LSD) is a radical, social democratic political party in Hong Kong.

The Frontier (Hong Kong)
The Frontier (Hong Kong) 44%  117

前綫 | The Frontier was a pro-democracy political group in Hong Kong. In 2009 it merged with the Democratic Party (HK).

China Youth League
China Youth League 44%  54

中国共产主义青年团 | The Communist Youth League of China or the China Youth League is a youth movement of the People's Republic of China.

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