Politicians and Election, Vote in Freedom, Actively Participate in Democracy, Vote for Change, Online referendum

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Politicians and Election, Vote in Freedom, Actively Participate in Democracy, Vote for Change, Online referendum

logo ElectionsMeter.com ElectionsMeter is an international Internet portal dealing with monitoring preferences of politicians and political parties. ElectionsMeter is a new project, which at this time addresses most of the countries in the world, individual politics, political parties, news, media and information sites with an offer of cooperation in monitoring preferences of politicians and political parties.

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Common people
You can at any time express your political opinions
- compare your views with others
- learn the details of a politician
- learn what the other people think. Whom the other people choose and why.
- express your own opinion and argument in support
- repeatedly support your favorite
- repeatedly sink the one you do not like
Internet Bloggers, Website administrators
You can publicly support and identify yourself with the favorite you like by sticking his icon to your website. Another option is to let people visiting your site know who you do not favor. Let the other people support and share your thoughts and opinions, give them a chance to be on your side.
Political movements, Civic associations, Activists, Philosophers, ThinkTanks
You might find our offer as useful platform for your own development. You can add and publish your movement data. Promote yourselves. Present your views and defend them in competition with others. Watch the mood of the citizens and analyze public interest. If some politicians will not be interested in managing their own profile we will give you the option to manage the profile.
Politicians, political parties
You can present yourself. We will allow you to manage your profile. You can access the data and analyze the mood of the citizens. You can track your preferences and their development in response to your actions. The data is obtained from various sources, not influenced by interest groups, far beyond the current systems (locally, thematically, by opinion, by language and time-limited questionnaires). You can contribute to discussions. You can influence opinion of the citizens. You can add arguments. Publish your own biography, political programs, projects, ideas, plans and promote your own public meetings. You can manage your own campaign in the new form. You can support your party. You can discuss and sink your opponent. You can stick your election icon on your site. Let your publicity grow.
News and Information portals
You can obtain statistical data on the views of the people, the current preferences of politicians and their development. You can present your own articles with back links to your sites. Gather new readers visiting ElectionsMeter from your competitors. We make all media portals the same offer. You can use our election icons in your surveys and get a reliable results collected from much larger population.

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The project ElectionsMeter is neutral, open and independent concerning political opinions. It offers a technical platform, a single solution and an universal system of free use. Discussions, comments and arguments published in the project are moderated to ensure that only socially acceptable topics and content is presented.
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