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Abraham LincolnAfghanistan warAlabama Secession Arnold SchwarzeneggerBarack ObamaBen BernankeBill ClintonBill RichardsonBob BarrCondoleezza Rice
  • Mitt Romney 63%
  • Barack Obama 50%
  • Sarah Palin 56%
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger 69%
  • Ron Paul 68%
  • Republican Party (United States) 46%
  • Afghanistan war, support 18%
  • Hillary Clinton 54%
  • Ben Bernanke 63%
  • George W. Bush 30%
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. 62%
  • Democratic Party (United States) 53%


Graph online : Creationism versus EvolutionGraph online :  Creationism versus Evolution

Creationism versus Evolution


Arguments on politics:

Arengas contra la eutanasia

Euthanasiaabajo la eutanasia. que viva la vida y que la medicina aprenda a curar enfermos no a hacer la labor de un verdugo. la eutanasia es asesinar al que le ha servicio al mundo durante años de ilusión y defensa d una nación que tan malagradecida le paga dejandla morir o matandola disque ... HEKEISDA in poll Euthanasia

Contra la Eutanacia

Euthanasiaconsidero que la eutanasia es inaplicable, porque los medicos no son infalibles, les comentaré mi caso, mi medico garantizaba que yo moriria a los 25 años. pues me le retiré y deje sin ir al medico y creanme tengo 40 y aqui estoy vivito y coliando. lo mismo puede suceder con ... HEKEISDA in poll Euthanasia

Contra la Euthanasia

Euthanasiala #EUTANASIAes un pecado porque se dispone de la vida del hombre antes que Dios (SOLO DIOS PUEDE DISPONER DE LA VIDA HUMANA) laEutanasia es otra forma de Violar el Qinto mandamiento de la Ley de Dios,que dice No matarás, y que es no matár? no matar es no quitarle la vida a otro: ... HEKEISDA in poll Euthanasia

Scientist finds evidence of intelligent design in universe

Creationism versus EvolutionScientist finds evidence of intelligent design in the universe Apologetics film presents a case for intelligent design By Sarah Giovannini In the scientific community, the debate over intelligent design versus evolution often attempts to answer a complex question: Are we an accident? The Biola ... randfan2014 in poll Creationism versus Evolution

Rand Paul Opposes Extending the Patriot Act

Rand PaulThe lame duck session of Congress has a limited amount of time to clear its legislative agenda, but the future of the USA Freedom Act — a bill to reform the National Security Agency — remains unclear. Democratic Sen. Pat Leahy of Vermont, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the ... randfan2014 in poll Rand Paul

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Current recorded voices:

Ben Bernanke
vote for Ben Bernanke

Ben Bernanke

, Republican
14 hours ago, vote for Ben Bernanke. The incumbent Chairman of the Board of Governors of the United States Federal Reserve.
Darrell Issa
vote for Darrell Issa

Darrell Issa

, Republican
16 hours ago, vote for Darrell Issa. The U.S. Representative for California's 49th congressional district, and previously the 48th, serving since 2001.
Lloyd Doggett
vote against Lloyd Doggett

Lloyd Doggett

17 hours ago, vote against Lloyd Doggett. U.S. Representative from Texas - member of the Democratic Party.
Texas Secession
vote for  Texas Secession

Texas Secession

, Secession
17 hours ago, vote for Texas Secession. I support the secession of Texas from the union.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
vote against Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

23 hours ago, vote against Debbie Wasserman Schultz. American politician - U.S. Representative for Florida and member of the Democratic Party.
Tom Petri
vote against Tom Petri

Tom Petri

1 day ago, vote against Tom Petri. The U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 6th congressional district, serving since 1979.
Tim Kaine
vote against Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine

1 day ago, vote against Tim Kaine. Was the 51st Chairman of the DNC (2009-2011) and the 70th Governor of Virginia (2006-2010).
Bill Huizenga
vote for Bill Huizenga

Bill Huizenga

, Republican
2 days ago, vote for Bill Huizenga. The member of Congress for Michigan's 2nd congressional district, serving since 2011.
Scott Garrett
vote against Scott Garrett

Scott Garrett

2 days ago, vote against Scott Garrett. The U.S. Representative for New Jersey's 5th congressional district, serving since 2003.
Trey Gowdy
vote for Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy

, Republican
2 days ago, vote for Trey Gowdy. The U.S. Representative for South Carolina's 4th congressional district, serving since 2011.

Opinions on politics:

ElieYarden - The GPUS is the only political party acting with full recognition of the planetary climate crisis and committed to the exercise of ecological wisdom in meeting that crisis.  in poll Green Party of the United States, reply
prewe - путин нелегитимный президент поэтому голосую против. in poll Vladimir Putin, reply
prewe - Путин плохой призидент нужен новый ледер. in poll Vladimir Putin, reply
randfan2014 - This guy is seriously a troll to his own parties base. Not amused - he needs to go. in poll John Boehner, reply
randfan2014 - Cheated on his wife and family with extra-marital affair. Disappointing. in poll Arnold Schwarzenegger, reply
randfan2014 - Rand Paul and especially his father Ron Paul are one of the few politicians actually fighting for the people instead of special interests and crony-capitalism. Rand Paul 2016! in poll Rand Paul, reply
prewe - Я не думаю что Путин хороший призидент поэтому я голосую против. in poll Vladimir Putin, reply
prewe - Путин должен уйти в оставку in poll Vladimir Putin, reply
prewe - Против Путина. in poll Vladimir Putin, reply
amalia - самый лучший президент! in poll Vladimir Putin, reply
slavuta03 - володя ты же умный мужик -уйди из украины-ведь народ не простит! ты же видишь какая участь януковича!витя кровавый! in poll Vladimir Putin, reply

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