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Poll page

Subject of the page:
  1. to vote
  2. to access poll details and results
  3. to provide own feedback (opinion, argument, site link)

A) Head

A1) access the site main menu
A2) access login, help, registration and user’s profile

B) The Poll

B1) vote for (if you like the politician, party etc.)
B2) vote against (if you do not like the politician, party etc.)
B3) get the poll’s candidate detail
B4) provide positive input (comment, opinion, argument, site link)
B5) see histogram, timeline of poll results
B6) see histogram, timeline of poll results
B7) invite friend, let your friends support your vote
B8) get HTML widget on your blog, website

C) The poll details

C1) menu to access poll details
C2) positive opinions of users
C3) links to the poll related positive websites
C4) increase or decrease value of user’s input
C5) negative opinions of users
C6) current results of the poll, 24 hours and 7 days change
C7) links of the poll related negative websites
C8) general arguments of users
C9) other polls of your potential interest

Z) Footer

Z1) site secondary menu (about, contact, policy, FaQs, RSS, social linking, sitemap)
Z2) allows change page layout
Z3) track path, it helps return in time