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Main page

Subject of the page:
  1. main and entry page
  2. to see the most current data
  3. to access the most active polls

A) Head

A1) access the site main menu
A2) access login, help, registration and user’s profile


B1) access polls, voting results and display of the most active polls
B2) filter polls by country and poll type

C) Main body

C1) see current and last given votes
C2) see current and last shared opinions (short thoughts)
C3) see current and last written arguments (articles, news and other related stuff)
*/ the section follows the country selected in above filter

Z) Footer

Z1) site secondary menu (about, contact, policy, FaQs, RSS, social linking, sitemap)
Z2) allows change page layout
Z3) track path, it helps return in time

NOTE: The page when loaded detects user’s internet browser language. If such is supported by ElectionsMeter then menu and system messages should be displayed according to user’s expectation. English is preferred as the standard in all other cases. Language pre selection can always be changed in left part of main page. On the page load the system tries also to pre select the most appropriate country for the user. “Global” becomes preselected when a region cannot be identified. The country can always be changed to user’s preference. User’s choice of language, country, layout and path of visited polls is stored in his internet browser cookie for continuity of the site browsing.