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Frequently asked questions and answers

1.Is registration required?

No, registration is free upon your decision. Registered users, however, get the benefits of greater functionality of the portal.
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2.What benefits will I receive if I am registered?

Not registered - cannot vote more than once every 24 hours in a poll, cannot join discussions by inserting quick opinions and arguments.

Basic registration - can vote repeatedly in a single poll, can join the discussions with quick opinions, can flag poor texts in the discussion.

Fully registered - can vote up to 100x within 24 hours in a single poll, can join the discussions in quick opinions and arguments, can flag poor text in discussions, can create their own candidates, can set up new polls, can get authorization to maintain profiles of politicians.

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3. Why is the registration information so detailed?

Registration details are required for statistical research. Registration data is subject to collective processing. Your privacy is not compromised.

4. Can I vote repeatedly?

Sure. You can vote repeatedly according to the level of your registration. Repeated voting, significantly determines the weight of your voice for your favorite.

5. Can I manage a profile of a particular politician (to keep it updated, to correct deficiency in text)?

Sure. If you have a legal relationship to the candidate (if you are the person, if you are his adviser or assistant, a member of the management of a political party). The administrator will give you full authorization to manage the profile.

6. Can I add my own candidate, political party or event?

Sure. Users can add a new politician, a new event, a new political party and declare a new election. This activity can be carried out only by a fully registered user. Management of user's polls is in the user profile. Please consider that newly created polls are subject to our approval.

7. What is the difference between quick opinions and arguments?

Quick opinions represent views of users. May be deliberately "for" or "against" the candidate and are limited to plain text only. On the other hand Arguments offer much more space to express individual opinions and offer common text formating.

8. What should I do if I find particular user violating the rules of the portal?

We will appreciate you bringing to our attention any user violating the site rules. Logged in users are allowed to flag inappropriate arguments and opinions violating the rules. Moderator then will consider further disciplinary steps. All issued flags are recorded in the user's profile.

9. May I become a site moderator?

Sure. You may ask any of current moderators for recommendation to become one of them. It is highly desirable to prove credible history on the site.

10. How can I support your site?

We appreciate any kind of support. It depends on your will and motivation.

i. You can download and post one of our icons on your website.
ii. You can review details of candidates. Send us any corrections or updates of candidate profiles.
iii. You can start to administer and fully maintain candidate profiles.
iv. You can add new politicians, parties, events and elections. You can create your own polls.
v. You can help us with localization of the system into another language. You can help us by the reviewing of system messages.
vi. You can integrate (with our support) ElectionsMeter voting polls and surveys into your website.

Solution of unexpected circumstances
1. I want to write a quick opinion, but the system does not allow me to do it. > To write or post a quick opinion you must be logged in.
2. I want to write an argument, but the system does not allow me to do it. > To write or post an argument you must be logged in and fully registered.
3. I wrote a quick opinion with an error or I posted it by mistake. How can I edit it? > Quick opinions can be edited or deleted within 2 minutes of being posted. The author of the quick opinion can edit the text in his or her user profile.
4. I wrote an argument with an error or I posted it by mistake. How can I edit it? > Arguments can be edited or deleted within 24 hours of being posted. The author of the argument can edit the argument in his or her user profile. The author's arguments can also be edited when they are displayed by the author.
5. I found an error in profile of a candidate. > We will appreciate your notice about any error in content of candidates.
6. I found an error on the site. > We will appreciate your notice about any error the site might have.

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