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 Sverigedemokraterna  Sverigedemokraterna
Sverigedemokraterna (SD) är ett politiskt parti i Sverige. | The Sweden Democrats or Swedish Democrats (SD) is a far-right political party in Sweden.





Sverigedemokraterna (SD) är ett politiskt parti i Sverige grundat 1988, som betecknar sig som ett demokratiskt, nationalistiskt, nationalkonservativt och socialkonservativt parti. Framträdande profilfrågor är en restriktiv flykting- och invandringspolitik, bekämpning av brottslighet samt motstånd till överstatlighet i EU. Partiet tar avstånd från såväl mångkulturalism som rasism. I riksdagsvalet 2010 kom Sverigedemokraterna för första gången in i riksdagen. Sverigedemokraternas partiledare sedan 2005 är Jimmie Åkesson.


Partiordförande: Jimmie Åkesson

Partisekreterare: Björn Söder

Grundat: 6 februari 1988

Politisk ideologi: Nationalkonservatism, Socialkonservatism, Nationalism







The Sweden Democrats or Swedish Democrats (Swedish: Sverigedemokraterna, SD) is a far-right political party in Sweden, founded in 1988. SD describes itself as a nationalist movement. Since 2005, its party chairman is Jimmie Åkesson, while Björn Söder is the party secretary and parliamentary group leader. An Anemone hepatica flower (blåsippa) is the official SD logo since 2006. In 2011 the party moderated its profile by also identifying as a social conservative party.


The Sweden Democrats had 7,219 members in November 2012. SD is divided in eighteen district party associations throughout Sweden, as well as in various local or municipal associations. Young members are organised in the Sweden Democratic Youth (SDU), founded in 1998. The party also distributes a newspaper to its members, SD-Kuriren.


In the 2010 general election, the Sweden Democrats for the first time crossed the four percent threshold necessary for parliamentary representation. This increase in popularity has been compared by international media to other similar anti-immigration movements in Europe. The party polled 5.7% and won 20 parliamentary seats.


Party chairman: Jimmie Åkesson

Parliamentary group leader: Björn Söder

Founded: February 6, 1988

Newspaper: SD-Kuriren

Youth wing: Sweden Democratic Youth

Ideology: Nationalism, Right-wing populism, Euroscepticism



December 30, 2011

updated: 2013-05-20

icon Sverigedemokraterna
icon Sverigedemokraterna

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