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 Socialist Party USA  Socialist Party USA
 Socialist Party USA
Socialist Party USA (SPUSA) - multi-tendency democratic-socialist party in the United States.


Socialist Party USA

ENG: The Socialist Party USA (SPUSA) is a multi-tendency democratic-socialist party in the United States. The party states that it is the rightful continuation and successor to the tradition of the Socialist Party of America, which had lasted from 1901 to 1972.

The party is officially committed to left-wing democratic socialism. The Socialist Party USA, along with its predecessors, has received varying degrees of support, when its candidates have competed against those from the Republican and Democratic parties. Some attribute this to the party having to compete with the financial dominance of the two major parties, as well as the limitations of the United States' legislatively and judicially entrenched two-party system. The Party supports third-party candidates, particularly socialists, and opposes the candidates of the two major parties.

Opposing both capitalism and "authoritarian Communism", the Party advocates bringing big business under public ownership and democratic workers' self-management. The party opposes unaccountable bureaucratic control of Soviet communism


Chairman: Billy Wharton, Stephanie Cholensky

Founded: January 1, 1973

Ideology: Democratic socialism





July 29,2012

icon Socialist Party USA
icon Socialist Party USA

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