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Biography Paavo Väyrynen

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Paavo Väyrynen Paavo Väyrynen
Paavo Väyrynen
Suomalainen poliitikko. | A Finnish veteran politician of the Centre Party.


Paavo Väyrynen Biography



Paavo Matti Väyrynen (s. 2. syyskuuta 1946 Kemin maalaiskunta) on suomalainen poliitikko, joka on ollut kahdeksan hallituksen ministeri. Väyrynen on Suomen Keskustan kunniapuheenjohtaja. Hän on toiminut kansanedustajana, keskustapuolueen puheenjohtajana, europarlamentaarikkona sekä ministerinä. Hän oli ehdolla vuoden 1988 presidentinvaalissa, joissa sai toiseksi eniten ääniä, vuoden 1994 presidentinvaalissa, joissa sai kolmanneksi eniten ääniä, ja vuoden 2012 presidentinvaalissa, joissa sai kolmanneksi eniten ääniä. Väyrynen toimi kansanedustajana vuosina 1970 - 1995 sekä uudelleen vuodesta 2007 vuoteen 2011, jolloin putosi eduskunnasta. Koulutukseltaan Väyrynen on valtiotieteiden tohtori ja sotilasarvoltaan kapteeni.



  • Keskustapuolueen varapuheenjohtaja 1972–1980
  • Keskustapuolueen 1980-1988 ja Suomen Keskustan 1988-1990 puheenjohtaja Turun puoluekokouksesta Porin puoluekokoukseen saakka.
  • Kansanedustaja: Lapin läänin vaalipiiri 1970–1991, Uudenmaan vaalipiiri 1991–2003 (vuosina 1995–2003 eduskunnassa oli tilalla varaedustaja, mutta Väyrysen valtakirja oli voimassa), Lapin vaalipiiri 2007–2011
  • Euroopan parlamentin jäsen 1995–2007
  • Opetusministeri 1975–1976 Martti Miettusen II (hätätila)hallituksessa
  • Työministeri 1976–1977 Martti Miettusen III hallituksessa
  • Ulkoministeri 1977–1979 Kalevi Sorsan II hallituksessa, 1979–1982 Mauno Koiviston II hallituksessa, 1983–1987 Kalevi Sorsan IV hallituksessa ja 1991–1993 Esko Ahon hallituksessa. 1993–1995 ulkoasianministerinä Ahon hallituskauden loppuun jatkoi MTK:n puheenjohtaja Heikki Haavisto ja Haaviston sairastuttua Paavo Rantanen.
  • Ulkomaankauppa- ja kehitysministeri 2007–2011 Matti Vanhasen II hallituksessa ja Mari Kiviniemen hallituksessa.
  • Presidentin valitsijamies 1978 ja 1982.
  • Kaupunginvaltuutettu Helsingissä 1989
  • Kunnanvaltuutettu Keminmaalla 2005–







Paavo Matti Väyrynen (born 2 September 1946) is a Finnish veteran politician of the Centre Party. Väyrynen was a member of the Finnish Parliament from 1970 to 2003 and again from 2007 to 2011 and has held many ministerial portfolios. He was also a Member of the European Parliament from 1995 to 2007. Väyrynen has been the Centre Party candidate for Finnish president three times – finishing second in 1988, third in 1994 and third in 2012.


Political career

Paavo Väyrynen became one of the most influential Finnish politicians in 1980 when he was elected as the Chairman of Finnish Centre Party. Just a year before Finnish parliamentary election, 1983 the Centre Party merged with the Liberals, but this did not help the party prevent the rise of the populist Finnish Rural Party. Nevertheless, the Centre Party formed a government with the Social Democratic Party of Finland and Väyrynen became the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs.


After Finnish presidential election, 1982 and the 1983 parliament election the Social Democrats had secured a hegemony in Finnish politics holding both the President and Prime Minister chairs. To destroy the hegemony Väyrynen made a secret agreement with the opposition forces (conservative National Coalition Party, the Christian League and Liberals) and Swedish People's Party of Finland before Finnish parliamentary election, 1987 to form a new Centre-Right government after the elections if the coalition would gain a majority. But, at the same time the National Coalition party had played with two cards and made a similar agreement with the Social Democrats. Even though the Social Democrats lost a bit of their support in the elections, they remained the biggest party and formed a new government with the National Coalition Party. Väyrynen was now the main opposition figure in Finnish politics.


When Finland joined the European Union in 1995 the Finnish Parliament elected Väyrynen to the European Parliament. In the European Parliament election 1996 Väyrynen was the vote-puller with the most votes - 157.668 - in whole Finland. In the European Parliament Väyrynen worked as the Vice Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe group. As an MEP Väyrynen defended the European Union based on supranational principles and opposed the ideas of federal Europe. During his career in the European Parliament Väyrynen tried to get a comeback to the Finnish politics several time. First unsuccessful attempt was in September 1999 when Väyrynen lost the primary election for President against Esko Aho.


In 2010 he run, once again, to the chairmanship of the Centre Party. The veteran politician suffered a heavy loss once again finishing only fourth in the vote. Väyrynen again blamed "media game" of his loss. Soon after his loss in the 2011 parliamentary election, Väyrynen announced his willingness to participate in the upcoming presidential election. Väyrynen appeared to be the only one believing in his chances of winning the primary for the Centre Party. Nevertheless, the party suffering from a heavy loss in 2011 parliament election, saw no-one else interested in to run in the election, and as a result Väyrynen was again a presidential candidate. In the summer of 2011, the European sovereign debt crisis got worse and Väyrynen's predictions from 1990s looked surprisingly real.



March 7, 2012

updated: 2013-07-23

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