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The Progressive Canadian Party (PC Party) | Le Parti progressiste canadien est un parti politique fédéral mineur au Canada.


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The Progressive Canadian Party (PC Party) (French: Parti progressiste canadien) is a minor federal political party in Canada. It is a centre/centre-right party that was officially registered with Elections Canada, the government's election agency, on March 29, 2004.


Under provisions of the Canada Elections Act that took effect on May 14, 2004, parties were only required to nominate one candidate in order to qualify for official party status in the June 28, 2004 federal election. This meant that Progressive Canadian Party candidates were listed on the ballot alongside the party's name, rather than being designated as independents.


The new PC Party aims to be the successor to the former Progressive Conservative Party. A few prominent figures are associated with this new party (Stevens and Heward Grafftey). David Orchard, a fervent opponent of the merger of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and the Canadian Alliance, made no official statement about the new party. During the 2006 election, Orchard endorsed and later joined the Liberal Party.


Leader: Hon. Sinclair Stevens P.C.

President: Dorian Baxter

Founded: March 29, 2004

Ideology: Progressive conservatism, Red Toryism







Le Parti progressiste canadien (Parti PC, en anglais : Progressive Canadian Party, PC Party) est un parti politique fédéral mineur au Canada. C'est un parti centriste qui s'est enregistré auprès d'Élections Canada (l'organisme supervisant les élections fédérales du Canada) le 29 mars 2004.


Le parti a adopté la dernière plateforme politique du Parti progressiste-conservateur jusqu'à ce qu'il soit capable de développer ses propres politiques. Le logo officiel du nouveau parti et les initiales « PC » sont très similaires à ceux de l'ancien parti, dans le but explicite de faire symboliquement référence à ce dernier.


Chef: Sinclair Stevens

Fondation: 29 mars 2004

Président: Dorian Baxter

Idéologie: Red Tory



February 25, 2010

updated: 2012-11-28

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