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Нова српска демократија (НОВА, НСД) је политичка странка у Црној Гори. | New Serb Democracy (NOVA) is a political party in Montenegro.





Нова српска демократија (НОВА, НСД) је политичка странка у Црној Гори, која окупља припаднике српског народа. Основана је 1998. године као Српска народна странка, a трансформацијом некадашње Српске листе настаје Нова српска демократија. Њен предсједник је Андрија Мандић. Химна јој је „Боже правде“, а застава српска тробојка. НОВА је од 2012. чланица коалције Демократски фронт.


Председник: Андрија Мандић

Коалиција: Демократски фронт

Основана: 24. јануар 2009.

Претходне странке: Српска народна странка и Народна социјалистичка странка Црне Горе.

Идеологија: Српско-црногорски унионизам, Национал-конзервативизам[







New Serb Democracy (Serbian: Нова српска демократија / Nova srpska demokratija), or NOVA, is a political party in Montenegro, formed on 24 January 2009 as a merger between the Serb People's Party and the People's Socialist Party of Montenegro.


Envisioned as a broad coalition of pro-Serb parties of Montenegro centred around the Serb List, it would potentially include Democratic Serb Party as well as various Serb cultural and political organisations. However, the merger was more limited, as only the Serb People's Party, People's Socialist Party of Montenegro and Matica Boke cultural organisation came to a merger agreement.


New Serb Democracy is led by Andrija Mandić, leader of the former Serb List. Mandić sought to transform the Serb List into a more civic-oriented party, in order to boost the party's coalition potential, and even the dropping the Serb prefix from the newly formed party's name was considered. This idea was met with strong resistance during the merger talks. The party won 8 seats in the 2009 parliamentary election.


Leader: Andrija Mandić

Founded: 24 January 2009

Merger of: Serb People's Party, People's Socialist Party of Montenegro

Ideology: National conservatism, Conservatism, Serbian–Montenegrin unionism




updated: 2013-06-11

icon Nova srpska demokratija
icon Nova srpska demokratija

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