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Harry Jenkins Harry Jenkins
Harry Jenkins
An Australian politician. A member of the Australian Parliament for Scullin since 1986.


Harry Jenkins Biography



Henry Alfred "Harry" Jenkins (born 18 August 1952), an Australian politician, is a member of the House of Representatives, representing the Division of Scullin, Victoria, since the 1986 by-election for the Australian Labor Party. He is the longest-serving Labor member of the House of Representatives and the second longest-serving member after Philip Ruddock.


Jenkins served as the 26th Speaker of the House of Representatives, from 2008 until his unexpected resignation as Speaker on 24 November 2011.


Political career

He was elected by Labor caucus on 29 November 2007 to become the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the 42nd Parliament. This was carried by a formal vote on 12 February 2008. He succeeded Liberal incumbent David Hawker. Although Speakers normally carry the courtesy title 'the Honourable', Jenkins has said his personal preference is that it not be used. He is the first Speaker to be the second generation of a family to serve in the chair, following his father.


The Labor Party renominated Jenkins as Speaker in the 43rd Parliament, and he was elected unopposed when the Parliament opened on 28 September 2010. On 31 May 2011, after a contentious debate on carbon pricing in which Jenkins declared a "general warning" for all members, Liberal MP Bob Baldwin interjected and was named by Jenkins. Baldwin was supported by the Coalition and by independent member Rob Oakeshott and West Australian National member Tony Crook. The resulting vote on suspending Baldwin for 24 hours failed 71-72. Convention would normally have required Jenkins to resign as Speaker, but the House of Representatives immediately thereafter approved a motion of confidence in the Speaker and he remained in the position.


He resigned as the Speaker of the House of Representatives on 24 November 2011, stating: "My desire is to be able to participate in policy and parliamentary debate, and this would be incompatible with continuing in the role of Speaker".


On 26 July 2012, Jenkins announced that he would retire from politics at the next election, currently scheduled for 2013. Many commentators claimed he chose to resign due to the position the ALP is currently in. He denies this, and says it's because he has been in parliament for 26 years.



September 17, 2010

updated: 2013-07-26

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