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 ګل آغا شيرزی   ګل آغا شيرزی 
ګل آغا شيرزی 
سیاستمدار افغان. | An Afghan political figure.


ګل آغا شيرزی



گل آغا شیرزی متولد سال ۱۳۳۳ خورشیدی در ولایت جنوبی قندهار است. او در همین ولایت درس خوانده است. آقای شیرزی بعدتر در صفوف گروه‌های مجاهدین علیه حکومت دکتر نجیب الله قرار گرفت. گل آغا شیرزی، از چهره‌های اصلی اداره ولایتی در تیم کاری حامد کرزی بوده است. او بین سالهای ۲۰۰۱ و ۲۰۰۳ والی قندهار در جنوب افغانستان بود و مدت کوتاهی را هم در سمت وزارت فواید عامه کار کرد. آقای شیرزی در سال ۲۰۰۴ به عنوان والی ننگرهار در شرق افغانستان تعیین شد. او در این سمت، فعالیت زیادی در عرصه بازسازی ولایت ننگرهار از خود نشان داد. این فعالیت‌ها در حدی بود که آقای شیرزی به "بولدوزر" معروف شد.







گل آغا شېرزی ( ) د افغانستان ۱۳۹۳داولسمشریزوټاکنو نومانددی د ننگرهار ولايت او د کندهار ولايت پخوانی والي وو. کله چې په ۱۹۹۱ ز. کال کې د افغانستان د خلق د ډيموکارټيک گوند حکومت ړنگ شو نو له هماغه وخت نه وروسته له ۱۹۹۲ ز. کال نه تر ۱۹۹۴ ز. کال پورې گل آغا شېزی د کندهار والي ؤ،ګل اود ملي محاذ غړی و.



ښاغلی شیرزی په ۱۳۳۳لمریز کال دکندهار دډنډاولسوالی په روح ابادکلي کي زیږیدلی دی گل آغا شېزی په خټه پښتون او د کندهار د بارېکزیو څخه دی. کله چې گل آغا شېرزی پيدا شو نو نوم يې شفيق ؤ. نوموړی د يوه غښتلي مجاهد حاجي عبدالطیف خان اکا زوی دی. کله چې د روسانو پر وخت جهاد اعلان شوی ؤ او گل آغا شېرزی د خپل د پلار تر څنگ د جهاد لپاره ودرېده نو په همدغه وخت کې ورته د گل آغا نوم ورکړ شو. د نوموړي پلار چې کله ووژل شو نو ده هم د خپل نوم سره د شېرزي تخلص وتاړه.


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Gul Agha Sherzai (Pashto: ګل آغا شيرزی), also known as Mohammad Shafiq, is a politician in Afghanistan. He is the former governor of Nangarhar province in eastern Afghanistan. He previously served as Governor of Kandahar province, in the early 1990s and from 2001 until 2003. As of October 2013, Sherzai resigned from his post as governor and formally announced himself as a candidate for Afghanistan's 2014 Presidential Election.


Early life

Sherzai was born in 1954 as Mohammad Shafiq in the Barakzai area of Kandahar province. His father was Haji Abdul Latif, proprietor at a small tea shop in Kandahar who rose to become a famous Mujahideen commander. Sherzai took the name Gul Agha when he joined his father in the Mujahideen, who were fighting in the southern Afghanistan area against the Soviet invasion. His father was later murdered and he added Sherzai (Pashto for "son of lion") as his last name. He is an ethnic Pashtun from the Barakzai tribe. His father was locally known as Haji Latif Sagwan, ("Sagwan" is a term used for a "dog fighter"), who was a well known dog fighter in southern Afghanistan. After the collapse of the PDPA government in 1992, Sherzai served as Governor of Kandahar. He was known outside of Afghanistan as one of the major warlords until around September 1994 when the Taliban began their conquest in Kandahar. Sherzai resigned from his post as governor and remained hidden until late 2001.


Political career after Kandahar

In 2004, Sherzai was appointed Governor of Nangarhar Province, after a spell as "Special Advisor" to Hamid Karzai. Sherzai was removed as Governor of Kandahar after criticisms of his warlord-style leadership, poor human rights record and suspected involvement in opium trafficking in the province. However, Sherzai has been an important political ally of Karzai, and looks to play a role in Afghan politics for some time to come.


In July 2006, Sherzai narrowly escaped an assassination attempt at a funeral outside Jalalabad. The attempt killed five police officers and wounded several more people, including some children. He opened the newly built highway connecting Jalalabad city with Torkham, which is one of the most popular border towns between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Afghan President Karzai and Pakistan's Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz were also present during the inauguration.


In January 2009, an article by Ahmad Majidyar of the American Enterprise Institute included Sherzai on a list of fifteen possible candidates in the 2009 Afghan Presidential election. In May 2009, he announced that he would not be a candidate. Nevertheless his name was on an August 2009 ballot, and preliminary results placed him 17th in a field of 38. Sherzai's brother is Abdul Raziq Sherzai, a commander who captured Kandahar airfield in 2001-02 and was subsequently made the Kandahar wing commander of the Afghan Air Force.


On October 2, 2013, Sherzai resigned from his post as Governor of Nangarhar Province and formally announced himself as a candidate for Afghanistan's 2014 Presidential Election.




updated: 2014-04-08

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