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De ChristenUnie is een christelijk-sociale Nederlandse politieke partij. | The ChristianUnion (CU) is a Dutch Christian democratic political party.





De ChristenUnie is een christelijk-sociale Nederlandse politieke partij van orthodox-protestantse signatuur, die vertegenwoordigd is in de Eerste en Tweede Kamer en in provinciale en gemeentelijke besturen. De ChristenUnie is in het Europees Parlement vertegenwoordigd met één zetel.


Vanaf 22 februari 2007 maakte de ChristenUnie samen met het CDA en de PvdA deel uit van het kabinet-Balkenende IV. Op 20 februari 2010 stapten de PvdA-bewindslieden na een conflict over Taskforce Uruzgan uit dit kabinet, waarna CDA en CU in een demissionair kabinet verdergingen. De politieke jongerenorganisatie van de ChristenUnie is PerspectieF.


Partijvoorzitter: Piet Adema

Partijleider: Arie Slob

Opgericht: 15 maart 2001

Fusie van: RPF en GPV

Ideologie: christelijk-sociaal

Jongerenorganisatie: PerspectieF







The ChristianUnion (Dutch: ChristenUnie), abbreviated to CU, is a Dutch Christian democratic political party. A centrist party, the CU's policies combine social conservatism and soft euroscepticism with more centre-left positions on economic, immigration, and environmental issues. The party describes itself as Social Christian.


Founded in 2000 as a merger of the Reformed Political Alliance (GPV) and Reformatory Political Federation (RPF), the ChristianUnion has five seats in the House of Representatives and four in the Senate. After doubling its seats in the 2006 elections it became the smallest member of the newly formed fourth Balkenende cabinet. In some elections, it forms an alliance with the more conservative Reformed Political Party, which, unlike the CU, is a testimonial party.


Primarily a Protestant party, the CU bases its policies on the Bible, and takes the theological principles of charity and stewardship as bases for its support for public expenditure and environmentalism. The party seeks for government to uphold Christian morality, but supports freedom of religion under the doctrine of sphere sovereignty. The party is moderately Eurosceptic; it sits with the ECR in the European Parliament. It is a member of the European Christian Political Movement.


Leader: Arie Slob

Chairman: Klaas Tigelaar

Leader in the Senate: Roel Kuiper

Leader in the EP: Peter van Dalen

Founded: 15 March 2001

Merger of: GPV and RPF

Youth wing: PerspectieF

Ideology: Christian democracy, Social, Christian, Christian left



July 9, 2010

updated: 2013-05-22

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