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Biography Andrius Kubilius

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Andrius Kubilius Andrius Kubilius
Andrius Kubilius
Lietuvos politinis veikėjas, Tėvynės Sąjungos – Lietuvos krikščionių demokratų partijos pirmininkas. | A Lithuanian politician.


Andrius Kubilius Biography



Andrius Kubilius (g. 1956 m. gruodžio 8 d. Vilniuje) – Lietuvos politikas, buvęs ministras pirmininkas, Seimo narys, Tėvynės Sąjungos – Lietuvos krikščionių demokratų partijos pirmininkas.



  • 1963 - 1974 m. mokėsi Vilniaus 22-ojoje vidurinėje mokykloje.
  • 1974 - 1979 m. mokėsi Vilniaus valstybinio universiteto Fizikos fakultete, įgijo fiziko specialybę.
  • 1981 – 1984 m. studijavo Vilniaus valstybinio universiteto aspirantūroje.
  • 1984 – 1990 m. tame pačiame universitete dirbo laborantu, inžinieriumi, moksliniu bendradarbiu.
  • 1988 m. ėmė dalyvauti Lietuvos Persitvarkymo Sąjūdžio veikloje.
  • 1990 – 1992 m. buvo Sąjūdžio atsakingasis sekretorius.
  • Nuo 1993 m. Tėvynės Sąjungos narys (nuo pat įkūrimo)
  • Išrinktas į 1992-1996 m., 1996-2000 m., 2000-2004 m., 2004-2008 m. ir 2008-2012 m. kadencijų Seimus.
  • 1996 – 1999 m. buvo Seimo Pirmininko pirmasis pavaduotojas.
  • Nuo 2000 m. Tėvynės Sąjungos (Lietuvos konservatorių) pirmininko pirmasis pavaduotojas







Andrius Kubilius (born 8 December 1956) is a Lithuanian politician who was Prime Minister of Lithuania from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012. He is the leader of the conservative political party Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats.


Kubilius was born in Vilnius. After graduation from the 22nd secondary school in Vilnius, Kubilius was accepted to Vilnius University and studied in the Faculty of Physics until 1979. He continued his academic career and postgraduate studies at Vilnius University from 1981 to 1984.


Kubilius became a member of the pro-independence Sąjūdis movement, who favoured separation from the Soviet Union. He later became the Executive Secretary of the Sąjūdis Council. Soon after the re-establishment of Lithuania's independence, Kubilius was elected to the Seimas (parliament). Since then Kubilius has been an active figure in Lithuanian politics. He became a member of the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats in 1993.


Kubilius led the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats Party into elections on 28 October 2008. Conservatives defeated the Social Democrats, making Kubilius the main candidate for Prime Minister. On 27 November 2008 Kubilius was officially appointed as Prime Minister of Lithuania. He received 89 votes in favour, 27 against, and 16 members of the Seimas abstained. In 2012 Kubilius became the first prime minister of Lithuania, who served the whole term in office.




updated: 2013-10-19

icon Andrius Kubilius
icon Andrius Kubilius
icon Andrius Kubilius
icon Andrius Kubilius
icon Andrius Kubilius
icon Andrius Kubilius

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